How To Comb A Beard Straight

Comb your beard using a blow dryer with a straightening piece. Men can use this electric beard comb to style their beards.

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After applying your beard oil and a heat protectant spray, set your hair dryer on low (tip:

How to comb a beard straight. Another issue with plastic combs is the fact that they can cause static charge, and this in turn can exaggerate a frizzy looking curly beard. Combined with the comb heating plate and comb teeth, designed exclusively to volumize, flatten side hair & straighten curly hair, and smooth out facial hair save time and safer: The cheek beard, the fore beard, and the neckbeard.

The neckbeard is the hair under the chin and is the area we’ll be focusing on in this article. This allows the comb to glide through coarse, curly and tangled hair. It helps tames the hairy beast by training it to grow downward and stimulating the production of more natural sebum.

Pat down your beard, leaving it partially moist. Attach your straightening piece and set the blow dryer to low speed and medium heat. A beard straightening comb is a staple in grooming a manly mane.

Beard straightening comb is heated almost instantly in 15 seconds, and even heating can avoid any “hot spots” excessive perm and quick styler in a few minutes just using the comb. Gently brush your hair outward from the center of your face to separate clumps, focusing on the messiest areas first. So read on to discover which one could be the best item for you and your facial hair.

First use the fingernail to scrape a small piece of beard balm. This tends to be more effective with fuller beards, so if you have a shorter beard this trick may not work for you. Should you hit a snag, pull your comb straight out to avoid ripping out hairs.

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See more ideas about beard straightening, straightening comb, beard. If your beard is a lot softer and straight, then you can always opt for a beard comb with smaller teeth width. Multifunctional beard and hair straightener :

Then put into palm of your hand and spread it. No matter which of the 10 best beard straighteners you choose, you’ll be able to sculpt a smooth, stylish beard. As stated above, the range is huge.

If your beard is long, it's easy to make it straight simply by blow drying it while using a comb. Here’s to a straighter, more stylish beard! Blow dry and comb your hair straight until completely dry.

Whether you want to straighten, volumize, or just simply brush the beard, it can all be done with this single gadget. There are three core components of a beard that you absolutely need to know about. Unlike the usual plastic combs, a beard comb is made specifically to glide through the facial hair.

Then spread the wax evenly on the beard from one side to the other use your hand and gently from the beard root to spread or dip your fingertips of the goods, grape outward to cause style. Continue brushing until the straightening piece flows smoothly through your beard. Beard straightener brushes etc can really get rid of the beard curls and actually make your beard super straight.

Open the straightener and get it as close to your chin and skin as possible before closing the clamps. But the bigger the range of products, the higher the chances to make the wrong choice and instead of caressing your beard, end up causing more damage. Certainly heated beard straightener tools are more “harder” on the facial hair, but the results are far beyond anything that could be achieved by just using a regular comb or brush.

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Beard combs are made of different materials that include wood, metal, horn, and cellulose plastic and they come in a variety of sizes. For fine, straight beards, a comb with narrow spacing will work well. Speaking of beard grooming products, there is a short note we want to make.

It is also used to train facial hair so that it can grow in the direction that you want. A beard comb is a thin strip of material with a row of teeth on one or both sides. Tilt your head up and start your comb at the base of your beard on your neck.

Set your beard or small hair straightener to the lowest heat setting. That being said, while a straight beard just keeps on growing downwards, a curly beard will continue to grow in like spiral springs, and thus appear to be shorter. Using a cooler temperature setting will be much less damaging on your beard) and gently comb through your beard, pulling the hair straight as you follow with the dryer.

Using a beard comb or brush to detangle the knots may also cause damage. Start combing your beard up and away from your face to fluff it out. Wash your beard using conditioner to moisturize and soften it up.

Guide the comb up toward your chin and away from the middle of your face to separate the hairs and “fluff” your beard. The direction in which you comb your beard has a significant impact on its overall look. Use a beard comb to shape the beard after it is straight (optional).

This makes the beard somewhat straight. The cheek beard is, as you’ve probably already guessed, the hair over the cheeks. By the time a curly beard grows half a foot long, a straight beard will be three times longer than that.

For starters, this straightener works with almost any beard, with five different temperature settings at 210/250/280/320/360f. Is it worth it to get a beard comb? However, as all beards are different, there is no one way to do this.

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Take a look at any handmade beard comb and you’ll notice that the teeth are generally wide and spaced apart. If you’re serious about growing out your beard, this is one of the most important investments you can make. Now, let’s start with reviews of the best beard combs.

A beard comb is a grooming product that is used to comb, style, and moisturize facial hair. It is designed specifically for facial hair to avoid damaging your beard and burning your face. Jagged edges also make the beard comb glide less optimally through your beard hairs, and we all know how annoying it can be to use a comb that won’t go through the hairs smoothly with each passage.

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