How To Complete The Elder Knowledge Main Quest In Skyrim

Your meeting with Paarthurnax on The Throat Of The World has given you a clear goal; Find an Elder Scroll. It’s the other thing in the title of the game, before that Skyrim. With no obvious places to go, you’ll need to figure out where to find an Elder Scroll and manage to grab it.

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With this in mind, you must embark on a quest that will take you into some of the province’s deepest reaches and face enemies you’ve likely never seen before. You will probably want to use a guide to help you complete the immense challenges that lie ahead.

Start older knowledge

This quest starts after your introduction to Paarthurnax. He tells you that this is the only way to see and learn the scream used to defeat Alduin is to Read an Elder Scroll at the World’s Throat. Unfortunately, being a recluse, he doesn’t know where to find one and advises you to do so Talk to your allies to find out.


You can speak to Esbern or Arngeir find out, although they will give you the same answer. That College of Winterfest people are most likely to know.

Search the College of Winterhold

Entering the college is not as easy as walking in. a high elf, Faralda will require you to prove your worth to the college before she lets you in. Here you have three options.

Tell her you’re a Dragonborn Demonstrating the Thu’um to her is impressive enough for her to let you in.
Make a test Evidence that you have some level of magical ability shows that you are skilled enough to enter.
Pursue You need speech 100 for this to succeed, although you can convince them to step aside.

Entering the college will also start the quest First Lessonsthe first part of The College of Winterhold quest line. You You don’t have to play the rest of the quest however make progress.

You want to visit them arcaneum, the college library, to look for clues. ask the librarian Urag gro-Shub, for help get a couple of books on the subject. One of them, Pondering the Elder Scrolls is really incomprehensible. Bring it up with Urag and you’ll hear about it Septimus Signusan Elder Scrolls expert who happens to be alive.

reading Pondering the Elder Scrolls the search will also begin Recognizing the Transmundanewhich is largely parallel older knowledge.

Search for Septimus Signus

When your only lead is identified, you need to do that head into the sea of ​​ghosts in which north of Skyrim to find Septimus. It can be found far to the north among ice floes Septimus Signus’ outpost.

It’s incredibly difficult to understand what he’s saying, but you can still decipher his ramblings. You can find an Elder Scroll in ancient dwarven ruins buried under Skyrim. Enter a dictionary and a attunement spherehe reports you Alftandan exposed ruin that allows you to enter the underground dwarf city.

The next part of the quest includes and extended dungeon delve. Make sure you are fully stocked with potions and other supplies Before you start.

Coming through Alftand

Alftand itself is in the middle of Winderhold. Although difficult to get to, the ruins themselves will be hard to miss. Climb the exposed bridges and find your way to the marked entrance. You can enter those Alftand Glacier Ruins from there. Inside you will find the Remains of a recent expedition.

One member, J’darr, is alive and insane from skooma withdrawal symptoms. He will attack you immediately Although he won’t be hard to kill.

Follow the trail of fallen torches and lanterns to navigate Alftand. dwarf spiders will attack you while you explore, recognizing you as an intruder. If this is your first time fighting her, hers Short stature and explosive death may surprise you.

That means they are far less dangerous than Dwarven Orbs. Your presence marks a sharp increase in difficulty as the ancient constructs can easily defeat low level players.

Dwarven Orbs are resistant to magic and immune to frost and poison damage. They can too fight from near and far.

You have to fight your way through several rooms full of dwarven constructs until you reach them Alftand Tiermonculory.

Alftand Tiermonculory

The next leg of the journey will be more complicated. One of the first challenges you will encounter is a Dwarf sphere in a space filled with oil. Attitude the burning oil will damage it and give you an edge as you dig deeper.

A ramp covered with pressure plates blocks your way through the ruins. It will trigger Send a pair of spinning blades down the ramp, deals massive damage. Use Whirlwind Sprint or try and throw yourself into a Zig zag pattern to avoid the pressure plates.

You can find clues about the fate of the expedition if you watch out for the corpses can be found in this area.

With that trap out of the way, you need to descend deeper into Alftand. To reach a large, deep shaft, you must Navigate through fallen masonry to reach the bottom and get out. You will Encounter with Falmer as you continue down the mineshaft. These enemies are deadlier than your average bandit and will put up a hard fight.

The Falmer do frequent use of poisons. With a countermeasure for permanent damage over time will help you survive the encounters.

You will reach a Falmer camp at the bottom. Be prepared more of the blind enemies waiting for you. It doesn’t get any better in the next room, where Falmer archers use burning machines to keep you in check with impunity when shooting.

That Falmer are blindthereby making them easier sneak around or shoot out of earshot. They are able to recognize you from afaronly that she Use your hearing instead.

mute your tone is a better strategy against them than become invisible as a result.

The two rooms filled with Falmer will mark the end of the area and will take you there Alftand Cathedral

Alftand Cathedral

The last part of Alftand, although by no means the last part of your trip, is the cathedral. In this area you will fight more fame and even one Dwarven centurion.

There will be a direct route through this area to you achieve a goal. From there, take the stairs by the entrance to the room and pull a lever. This will open the gate and raise a centurion.

Dwarven centurions are slow, lumbering enemies who excel Battle in a confined space. Her only ranged attack is spewing steam breath at enemies, although theirs Resistance to ranged attacks limits the effectiveness of staying out of range.

After taking out the Centurion you will come across a Couple of living people through a pedestal. As the remaining survivors of the expedition They start fighting before becoming hostile. You can have them kill each other or join them.

Umana, one of the humans, has the unique shield The Targe of the Bloodya spiked shield that causes enemies to bleed when hit.

Interact with the base to insert the attunement orb to advance further to black range.

Blackreach is a vast underground area that forms a whole new part of Skyrim. there is a lot to this place but to complete knowledge of the eldersYou must Focus on reaching the Tower of Mzark.

take one left immediately after leaving Alftand reach a Dwarven centurion head with a button. this will activate an elevator that will to make it easier for you to get to Blackreach in the future.

To do that, Go west to the quest objective, fight against the many enemies that will stand in your way. In between Falmer, Chaurus and Dwarf constructsthe journey to the Elder Scroll will be difficult.

Enter at the destination The Tower of Mzark

Solving the riddle “Tower of Mzark”.

In the last step, you will find yourself in a huge dwarf chamber full of refractive lenses. To put the dictionary on the pedestal, you must manipulate the mechanism to release the Elder Scroll. To solve itrefract the light into the corresponding lenses. If you have trouble, follow the sequence below. The buttons are numbered from left to right.

this will Release the Elder Scroll. Pick it up to end the quest and start the next one, Alduin’s curse.

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