How to complete Treasure Hunt quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with quests that require you to explore, collect, and often find hidden items or clues. How to complete Scrooge McDuck’s Treasure Hunt quest.

When it comes to Disney Dreamlight Valley, the quests can range from quick and easy to downright puzzling. For many, the treasure hunt is the latter. With a little guidance, however, this can be easily solved.

We’ve gone through the game’s treasure hunt and found all the locations for you. Here’s how to complete the treasure hunt quests and find these three hidden clues.

Reach level 8 friendship with Scrooge McDuck

The Treasure Hunt quest only becomes active once you have reached a level of friendship of eight with Scrooge McDuck.

Once you achieve that, he will give you a magic coin. When you look at the coin, it turns into a memory that grants you access to three locations leading to the treasure.

Go to the Glade of Trust

Disney Dreamlight Valley Glade of TrustDisney/Gameloft

The first location is in the Glade of Trust. If you haven’t unlocked it, it costs 5,000 Dreamlight to open.

Once it’s open, go north of the main pond and find the big tree nearby. Between the tree and the pond there will be a sparkling hill. Dig that up and you’ll have your first clue.

Go to Merlin’s house

Disney Dreamlight Valley in Merlin's houseDisney/Gameloft

The next location is Merlin’s House which is on Peaceful Meadow. The house is on the western side of the region and is surrounded by books.

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Head into his house and you should see a glowing book on the main table, pick it up and you’ll have your second clue.

Immerse yourself in Dazzle Beach

Disney Dreamlight Valley Dazzle BeachDisney/Gameloft

The last clue isn’t particularly subtle once you know you’re going to be searching for treasure. In typical treasure hunter fashion, find the final clue in Dazzle Beach. Opening this region only costs 1.00 Dreamlight if you haven’t already.

Once in Dazzle Beach, go to the path that leads to the Forest of Valor. If you continue to the left you should see a striped plant hanging out of the cliff edge. Directly below you will find the final clue. Just dig up and have the collected clues to Scrooge McDuck.

How to complete the Treasure Hunt quest line. We also have more Disney Dreamlight Valley guides if you get stuck:

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