How to Convert RAW Files to JPEG on a Mac

Even if you have never used a professional camera, you would have come across the term RAW. It’s no big surprise either. Nowadays, even mid-range smartphones allow you to take photos in RAW format.

But while RAW image formats are powerful and rich in information, they don’t work on all devices and with different software. As a result, you often need to convert RAW files to something more popular like JPEG.

Luckily, as a Mac user, you don’t have to worry about this since you can convert these files without any third-party software. So, let’s take a look.

What are RAW files and why should they be converted?

RAW is an image file format that contains uncompressed image data captured by a camera sensor. Unlike JPEG, a processed format, RAW files contain a high level of recording detail. Therefore, RAW files offer advanced options for processing and editing.

Because of the adaptability of the RAW image format, many photographers shoot photos in RAW rather than JPEG. As already mentioned, most smartphones have a Pro mode that allows you to take pictures in RAW. But RAW files are not as compatible as they are customizable.

This means that you cannot open or view RAW files as easily as JPEG photos. RAW files also take up a lot of system memory. Therefore, many photographers use tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to convert RAW files into JPEG files.

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However, you don’t need a third-party app to convert RAW to JPEG on Mac. Instead, you can do this with the built-in Preview app in macOS.

How to Convert RAW Files to JPEG with Preview in macOS

You can use this method to convert different types of RAW files to JPEG without installing any third-party apps on your Mac.

In the first step, you can use Finder to find the RAW files you want to convert.

Right click on the RAW files and select Open with > Preview.

Once it opens in Preview, you can edit the image as you like.

Then press Command + A to select all open files. Then you can go File > Export Selected Images.

Now you can choose where you want to save the JPEG file.

You may see a pop-up window when trying to convert a single RAW file. Here you can select JPEG as the format and the desired quality. After selecting these options, you can click Save on computer Button.

For example, you can convert RAW files to formats other than JPEG. You may want to see which of JPEG, PNG, and GIF works best for you.

However, when converting RAW files to JPEG in bulk, these adjustment options may not appear. In a second or two, Preview converts the RAW files to JPEG and saves them.

Easy RAW to JPEG conversion on your Mac

As you have seen, every Mac has what it takes to easily convert RAW files to JPEG. You can also use the Preview app to convert files in bulk.

However, you may need third-party tools like Photoshop or Lightroom if you want advanced editing options. So it’s always worth installing one of these on your Mac.

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