How To Craft A Trellis

Disney Dreamlight Valley has hundreds of decorative items for players to collect. These items can either be purchased with gold in Scrooge McDuck’s shop or crafted by the player once the recipe is obtained. The valley is a highly customizable location, allowing players to take their creativity to another level and make the valley feel like their own.

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Gardening is such a big part of that Disney Dreamlight Valley, a trellis is a great addition to your own garden or even a farm. This guide is about the trellis item and how to craft it.

How to unlock the trellis crafting recipe

Before crafting a trellis, you need to get its recipe. Some recipes can be unlocked randomly as the player spends their day doing all the available activities in the valley. However, the trellis is a recipe unlocked through main story progression. In order to obtain the Trellis crafting recipe, the player must complete the Shy Little Robot quest, the quest that requires them to bring Wall-E back to the valley.

Once Wall-E has returned to the valley and settled into his new home, a new quest can be started. the village project: the garden quest. There is an abandoned garden near Merlin’s house and the little robot would like to renovate it. This is a great addition to the village as it’s much more aesthetically pleasing than an abandoned garden, and Wall-E will also plant seeds in his spare time for the player to harvest later.

In order for the garden to be restored, the player must give Wall-E five sugar cane seeds, five wheat seeds, a trellis, and three burlap sacks. That’s when Wall-E will dish out the Trellis crafting recipe.

How to make a trellis

Now it’s time for crafting. Crafting a trellis is easy as its materials are fairly easy to find in the early game. These are the necessary ingredients to make a trellis Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • Softwood x15
  • floor x3
  • Falling Penstemon in White and Pink x2

Softwood is usually found on the grass near trees, it looks like small branches that have fallen to the ground. Earth can be excavated with the Royal Shovel – just dig holes in the grass at random and earth will pop out from time to time. White and Pink Falling Penstemons can be found in the plaza north of Peaceful Meadow where the garden is located.

Once all of these materials have been obtained, the player must approach a crafting table, select the trellis recipe, and get started.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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