How to Craft and Use Furniture Sets

If there’s one feature that most gamers love in a game, it’s the case. We have noticed that this feature is getting more and more popular every day. Most often we see this feature in MMO games such as Final Fantasy 14, even if it’s not the best, and that’s why they had to add an Island Sanctuary. Still, Genshin Impact has its own system. It’s a smart way to have a home or even a small town, depending on how creative you’re feeling. In addition, it is also very functional. As long as you keep leveling it, you’ll find all the uses you can give it. We want to talk about that Genshin Impact Furniture sets, how to get them and how to use them.

Genshin Impact Furniture Sets Crafting Guide

The housing system comes in what we know Serenitea pot in Genshin Impact. You can get this item by following a quick quest in Liyue. Once you unlock it, you can access it from your inventory. On this plot you can build houses, buildings, stairs and more. Once you get in, you’ll find that you can level up. Part of leveling up requires you to mostly craft furniture and place it on your Serenitea. That’s where Genshin Impact Furniture sets come into play. These sets consist of different pieces of furniture. Once you have received all the furniture that makes up the set, you can set it up as a whole. A set in your Serenitea also gives you more energy.

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Genshin Impact Serenitea furniture sets


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The crafting part isn’t hard either. First you need them Genshin Impact Furniture sets blueprints. You will find NPCs selling them lunar date and Qingce Village. After getting the blueprint, all you have to do is go to the crafting menu and check the materials you need. Typically, wood is the most difficult to manage. Each piece of furniture comes from a different region. Depending on this, you need to get the appropriate wood. The details can be found in the crafting menu. When all the materials are read, all you have to do is go to the menu, find the unlocked set and click Craft. We recommend that you keep your material for yourself Genshin Impact furniture sets. This location is excellent for planting seeds that will serve as character advancement materials. We’re still waiting for some Sumeru– themed furniture and other items that could help us improve the new and upcoming characters. Remember it Genshin Impact will be giving out some great rewards for their second anniversary, so it’s a great time to jump into the game and give it a try.

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