How to Craft Eitr-Weave Armor

Valheim players looking to take advantage of the game’s new magic system should take advantage of the Etr Weave armor set.

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When it comes to tackling Walheim‘s new Mistlands biome, the developers added a new combat system: Magic. This powerful new option takes the form of a handful of different staves and weapons, as well as an armor set of its own. This Eitr Weave armor is crucial for players looking to take advantage of it Walheim‘s magic system.

While this armor set plays an important role in this system, players will need to invest a significant amount of time in gathering the materials needed to craft them. For those Walheim This guide will help players who want to create the Etr-Weave armor set.

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How do I create the Etr Weave armor set?

This armor set works similar to other sets Walheim that it consists of three parts. The first is the Eitr-Weave Hood, which requires 15 Linen Threads, 15 Refined Eitr, and 2 Iron. Eitr Weave Robe requires 20 Linen Threads, 20 Refined Eitr, 10 Feathers, and 5 Scale Skins. The final piece, Eitr-Woven Pants, requires 20 Linen Threads, 20 Refined Eitr, and 10 Scale Hide. This ingredient list requires players to at least venture into the Plains biome as well as the Mistlands.

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Refined Eitr is made by an Eitr Refinery by combining Sap and Soft Tissue, ingredients found in the Mistlands, while Scale Skins are dropped by the Rabbits that live in the same biome. Iron is the product of smelting Iron Scrap, which players can harvest from muddy scrap heaps in the swamp biome and the ancient armor and swords found in the Mistlands. Linen Thread is the product of placing the Flax from the Plains biome in a spinning wheel.

What are the advantages of the Eitr Weave armor set?

The Etr-Weave armor set is vital to them Walheim Players interested in magic. The hood provides a +20 percent bonus to the player’s Eitr regeneration, while the robe and pants each add 40 percent to that stat. Combined, this set can increase Eitr regeneration by 100 percent, but requires the addition of the new Galdr table Walheim‘s Mistlands update.

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Unfortunately, the downside of this armor set is its lack of defense. Each piece has an armor value of 16, for a total of 48 when all three pieces are equipped. That’s a lot less than the new Carapace armor introduced in this update (32 per piece) and just surpassing Iron armor (14 per piece). Players wishing to use magic must rely on using the magic weapons and avoiding physical combat.

Walheim is available now for PC and will be released for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S in early 2023.

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