How to Cure the Disney Blues With Unlocked Animation

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Would you like to learn how to draw a Disney character from your couch at home? What if we told you, you could feel like you’re sitting in the Conservation Station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom at The Animation Experience, learning to draw iconic characters like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck and watching Disney with professional Disney Bringing animation artists into your own home? Well we can, and there’s an easy way for you to get involved.

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Stepping into the Disney blues between vacations at Walt Disney World can be difficult. Many of us Disney fans try to cope by shopping for Disney merchandise at shopDisney or watching YouTube videos of the most magical place on earth. While these are good temporary alternatives, it’s difficult to find an activity that accurately emulates the feeling Disney is able to convey. Some people even try to copy Disney recipes to make them feel like they’re back on Main Street in the US eating a churro!

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Thanks to Unlocked Magic, Disney fans can now truly feel transported back to the Animation Experience, or, if you’ve never done it, you can pretend you’re back at Walt Disney World to try a new offering for the first time. Unlocked Magic has a ton of different features, all with the overall goal of bringing magic to the guests.

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Many Disney fans use the system to chat with each other, send and receive messages, check DVC availability and, of course, snag impossible restaurant reservations. Unlocked Animation is another aspect of Unlocked Magic that brings out real Disney animators and teaches you how to draw Disney characters with a live class every month! You can learn from a real Disney pro without paying anything extra.

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Recently, Jason Zucker ran a class teaching users how to draw Wizard Mickey! Zucker has been a character artist at The Walt Disney Company for 19 years, so this was really a treat. Check out the video below!

So if you want to learn how to draw Disney characters from the people who actually draw them every day, click here to subscribe! You can use code: WDWNT and it will be totally free!

How to use Unlocked Magic’s food tool

You too can enjoy hassle-free restaurant reservations, and here’s how! First you need to download the app. Click here to go to the web page where the download link is ready and available! (In the App Store the app is called “Circle Communities”)

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Next, click on the “Meal Reservation Search” tab (next to a burger so you can dream of eating that Steakhouse 71 burger). Then you can tap on one of the links that will take you to the reservation request screen! All you have to do here is your name, the date you would like to eat, how many people you would like to eat with and your preferred time (you can specify a specific time, but we recommend only breakfast, lunch and or Dinner to select the fastest results!) Click Add Alert and you’re DONE!

Now Unlocked Magic will constantly scan your request and send you a notification as soon as it finds a reservation option for you. You don’t have to do anything! We know it really does feel like the magic of a Disney vacation just got more and more magical.

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Unlocked Magic is revolutionizing the way Disney guests can book their restaurant reservations, and since you’re a WDWNT reader, you can do it for free! You can use code: WDWNT to unlock a free month of Unlocked Magic so you can try the site for yourself. Trust us, once you make that first impossible table reservation a reality, you’ll be as convinced as we are that this is a must-do for Disney travelers.

A personal favorite aspect of the Unlocked Magic system is that you can make a restaurant reservation request before the 60-day window that Disney allows. This means that the moment your 60 day window arrives, the app will start searching for you and you can just relax! Restaurant reservations are often released very early in the morning, and waking up before 6am at that 60-day mark to try and snag your restaurant reservations along with everyone else is never too magical, but sleeping in while Unlocked Magic is doing it is for you!

Using Unlocked Magic gives you unlimited dining choices and you can check out restaurants across the Disney property! From Magic Kingdom to Epcot to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and every single Walt Disney World Resort, every location is available! Plus, after your first free month, Unlocked Magic is only $5.99, that’s less than a Mickey pretzel!

So when you’re ready to grab a bite to eat, head over to Unlocked Magic and start booking those restaurant reservations! (Remember code: WDWNT allows you to try Unlocked Magic for FREE!)

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