How To Cut Metal Roofing Around Electrical Mast

I appreciate any help and advice. Steve, yes, use a dektite retrofit for the electrical conduit.

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I have cut painted and unpainted galvalume metal roofing this way.

How to cut metal roofing around electrical mast. What would be the best method to add flashing around an electrical service mast that goes through a 3in12 shingled roof? The new mast must run through the roof(old one wasnt) and the roof is corrugated metal with 7 gaps between ribs. Lay a 2×4 on the grass and hang the end of the metal panel over the 2×4.

It is also possible to have a special clamp that will secure the entrance conductors that is directly connected to the weatherhead. Do you really need to replace it? I loved the design of this flashing as i didn't have to have the electrical lines disconnected.

There should be no need to call out an electrician. The screws should only fasten the pipe boot to the metal roof panel. Used this to repair a damaged mast flashing on a mast with live connections , so was pleased it fitted easily have cut off the old one.

Thanks for selecting a metal roof. Pipe dreams, metal roof plumbing vents and penetrations. You, however, will need earplugs.

When installing metal roofing it is almost always necessary to have to work around a vent pipe sticking up from the roof. To properly seal around the pipe penetration, use only a rubber roof jack made specifically for use with metal roofs. The easiest place to cut metal roofing is on the grass.

The metal sheets slide around too much on a bench or table. I normally do is coat it with a good layer of black mammy. It has been reroofed once (asphalt 3 tab).

Ive done countless service upgrades drilling through roofs and mounting the standard flashing but the problem is. I am installing a metal roof. Only use appropriate sheet metal cutting tools designed to “shear cut” components with clean, burr free edges.

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Cutting snug around the pole, add pookie, tjhen seat the. I have seen retrofit boots that clamp around pipes, but they seem to. Always wear safety glasses and sweep off any metal shavings immediately to prevent eye injury from flying metal fragments.

Apply shingles up to lower edge of electrical mast. Why did not have a good flashing already, i dont know. Now your blade is not digging into the turf as you cut.

Penetrations through standing seam metal roofs. I would leave the flashing you have in place since it has a longer up tail than the one mentioned. Becase the only time ,as far as i can tell, you can put a boot on is befor the power is hooked up.

While this may seem like a daunting task, it is a job any homeowner can handle in just a few minutes, and then the rest of the roof can be finished up in no time. Apply sealant to underside of base and secure base with roofing nails. You need to have clearance around the vent pipe so that the screws holding the pipe boot down are not fastened into the plywood.

That flashing was cut like that to get it around the pipe imo. Wenatchee home and real estate inspections. Avoid working on metal roofs during wet conditions when the panels can become extremely slippery.

This is the only way to be sure that the integrity of the roofing system is maintained. Used three roofing nails on the top edge under the singles , and three on the bottom edge over the singles to secure it , then applied some black silicone to seal the mast. How to fix electrical mast flashing in place?

Run a full width panel 6 past the conduit (notch for the conduit); It isn’t possible to slip a new boot/flashing over it (the wires are in the way…). The electricians slipped a neoprene boot only over it when it was installed, the boot just sits on top of the shingles.

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Install a panel from the conduit to the ridge. Apply two rows of good quality butyl tape or silicone caulk across the full width of the panel; Hey guys, im looking at doing a service upgrade but have a problem.

Abrasive cutting mechanisms will damage galvalume substrate and paint finishes and promote rusting of the steel components. If you are concerned have it shut down as suggested or work around it without nicking the insulation. I have 2 plumbing vents and electrical weatherhead thru the roof.

Take your first piece of ridge cap and turn it bottom side up. He is a consultant to the metal initiative, the educational arm of the metal roofing and wall industry in north america. Flashco® weatherhead flashing is a two piece flashing specifically designed to flash around an existing electrical mast without having to disconnect power to the structure.

Some of them may be anchored or attached to the wall. I started small on the hole and worked up, trying the fit each time. My question is how is it recomended or done with an existing power mast?

Once i got it close it attached perfectly and sealed up very easily. Make sure none of the wire is exposed. The flashco® weatherhead flashing provides a watertight long lasting seal…and we made it easy to install too.

Metal roofs have one of the longest life spans of the various roof coverings. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I rarely see it, but its out there.

The home was built in 1980. It would also give you something to silicone it to. If you cut a boot its worthless.

Although it is common for weatherheads are generally mounted to a mast, some of them may not follow the general installation. Cutting and drilling • do not cut panels with saws or grinders. If the flashing needs to be replaced, and that is quite probable, a good roofing supply can offer a split flashing to go around the mast in place, after the old one is cut and removed.

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If you must walk on a metal roof, take great care. Apply sealant around the top of the electrical mast flashing where. Unless your power company comes out to disconnect the service and lines, you cant get a flashing on it.

I was roofing my house and wanted something to use around my electrical service mast. Hi, i am going to lath strip and cover my existing shingles with metal. Wrap flashing around electrical mast and close by crimping stainless steel clips (supplied).

Those are basically for metal roofing installation, but i don't see why it wouldn't work since you need access around the pipe rather than over it. Penetrations are always one of the biggest issues with metal roofs. I will replace the boots on the plumbing vents and i need to know if the one for the electrical service needs replaced and how to do it and if i use the same type boot.

I would also consider a means to brace the mast, possibly inside the roof cavity to offer more lateral support. Cut flashing opening to appropriate size for pipe. Roofing around a power line it is 110 or 220 just be cautious.

This web exclusive comes from rob haddock, director of the metal roof advisory group, ltd.

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