How to Deal with Light Aquifers (And How to Make a Well)

Light aquifers are underground water sources dwarven fortress, and while some players choose to avoid them altogether, they’re actually quite easy to treat. In fact, fans can turn lightweight aquifers into vital parts of their forts by using them to support wells. This guide is here to provide details on how exactly this is done and will help players harness the power of the Light Aquifers dwarven fortress.

Dwarf Fortress: Dealing with light aquifers

Locate the aquifer

dwarven fortress Players may encounter a light aquifer when performing digging commands, e.g. B. excavate a hallway or stairwell, and there are several ways to recognize this. The first is that the dwarves will stop digging and there will be a notification that they have found them wet stone. The second is that when the digging orders icon is selected, the groundwater tiles that the dwarves came in contact with will be marked with blue water droplets.

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Dwarf Fortress Light Water Pipe

Get over the aquifer

After finding a light aquifer, players should work to get over it. This is very easy to do if the aquifer was encountered while digging a stairwell, since simulation video game fans simply have to return to the last level where the dwarves were ready to build stairs. If the player encountered the aquifer while digging horizontally, he should move up one layer and dig a passageway to the aquifer’s location and repeat this process until he encounters no more wet rock.

Dig through the aquifer

Once a player is directly on a light aquifer, they should do so dig a stairwell to its top layer. Fans should then dig up the tiles next to the stairwell, click the place structures icon, select constructions, and place walls in the freshly dug tiles. Those walls inside dwarven fortress prevents water from the aquifer from entering the stairwell, and players can repeat this process layer by layer to get under the aquifer.

Build the fountain

Dwarf Fortress Light Water Pipe

Players can now return to the position from which they dug into the top layer of the aquifer and dig a few tiles in any direction. Fans should dig one up then channel into the freshly dug tile furthest from the stairwell and place a fountain on it. Fountains are placed by the for clarity machines/liquids Location Structures section of the menu, and they are created from blocks and a bucket that can be crafted at a Carpenter’s Workshop and mechanisms that are crafted at a Mechanic’s Workshop.

Dwarf Fortress Light Water Pipe

With the fountain in position, city-builder video game fans simply have to wait for the tile underneath to fill with water, and the fountain will become functional when the water reaches a depth of three. Players can confirm the status of their fountains by clicking on them, and their gnomes should be happy to use them once they show that they are operational.

dwarven fortress is available on PC.

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