How to defeat Mutated Odur

thymesia Bosses are no joke, they test the player’s reaction and ability to read their attacks and punish them when they are unable to do so. The first boss inside thymesia, Odur is by far one of the most difficult bosses in the game. Fast paced and combo related, it can definitely drive players crazy since this is the first boss they face. Unfortunately, Odur isn’t quite as easy to defeat as the player originally was, as he returns in his mutated form to fight again.

Mutated Odur is an optional boss that players can fight to unlock various goodies such as a new plague weapon, memory shards, and an alchemy booster. It is only available to players after completing all associated side quests in the first zone thymesia, The Sea of ​​Trees. This includes beating the boss in front of him, the god of fools. Luckily for players, he’s a bit easier than his first version, provided players have the upgrades and leveled up before taking on him again.


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Mutated Odur move set

Unlike its first variant, Mutated Odur only has one phase, so once players drain its health, it’s gone for good. The mutant Odur’s new gimmick is its Eldritch-inspired tentacles that protrude from its back. These tentacles give him far more range than his original form, making him a little deadlier than before.

Swipe in tentacle swipe

  • Attack: This is one of Odur’s most regular attacks and involves him swiping forward with his normal arm and following with a swipe of his tentacles.
  • Counter: This attack is fairly easy to dodge once players figure out the timing. It’s important to dodge the second attack, and not backwards, since its tentacles have quite a long range.

Tentacle Swipe into Strike

  • Attack: This attack is essentially the opposite of the first attack, where Odur slashes with a tentacle and then slashes forward.
  • Counter: This attack, like the previous one, can be dodged by understanding the timing. It is important to dodge to the side to avoid the range of the tentacle.

Tentacle swipe in Leap

  • Attack: Odur strikes with his tentacle, then jumps back.
  • Counter: This attack is fairly fast and doesn’t telegraph well. Players need quick reactions to avoid this attack. Luckily, it doesn’t deal a lot of damage and Odur will jump away afterwards to give players time to heal.

tentacle rotation

  • Attack: Odur spins backwards and flips his tentacle around.
  • Counter: This attack is used as a retreat for Odur. It’s pretty telegraphed only based on Odur turning away from the player. The timing of this attack can be quite tricky and catch players off guard, so be careful when timing this attack.

Bad explosion

  • Attack: Odur will charge up and his stick will grow slightly golden. From there, it sweeps the ground, pulsing a gold-damaging aura as it does so.
  • Counter: Although this attack does great damage, it has a long draw-up that makes it fairly easy to dodge. As well as being clear, players should look out for the golden glow on Odur’s staff and react when the pulse reaches them.

jump shot

  • Attack: Odur will leap forward and strike with his tentacle.
  • Counter: This attack is only performed when the player is far from Odur. It’s quite telegraphed, so players should be able to dodge this one easily.

Jump back and strike

  • Attack: Odur jumps back and flaps his tentacle forward in a long line.
  • Counter: This attack is telegraphed and can be countered with a feather. Dodging is preferable, however, as Odur can often leap out of range of a Feather Toss, making this attack difficult to cancel.

4 Tentacle Strike

  • Attack: This move will cause Odur to unfurl its tentacles and use them to strike in a 4-hit combo.
  • Counter: This move has a fairly long range, forcing players to dodge the attack in time when they are close. This attack has only one pattern, so players should remember it and prepare to dodge the next one.

5 hit combo

  • Attack: Odur quickly strikes in front of him, either with his arms or with his tentacles. On his 5th attack it is possible for Odur to glow green, players can throw a feather to deal heavy damage and stun him during this time.
  • Counter: Again, this involves dodging the timing of each attack. It’s important to note that the player can be hit by one pair but dodge the next one, so don’t give up once his combo starts hitting. If the player has the option, use a feather to stun Odur right at the end of this combo as he pulls out a knife and tries to smash into the ground with it.

Ultimate: load and grab

  • Attack: Like other ultimates in thymesia, Odur lights up red and charges up. Once fully charged, he grabs Corvus and deals heavy damage.
  • Counter: This attack is very telegraphic, so players should dodge it as quickly as possible to avoid getting caught.

Loadout Tips

Talent Recommendations

  • Short Claw: Short Claw is still one of the best talents to invest in. The heal is incredibly useful in longer fights like this one.
  • Blessing: Blessing is another talent that is only generally useful. A percentage chance to block a lot of damage can really help players get through a tough fight. Alongside this, receiving a level 3 boon will allow players to automatically heal themselves instead of being KO’d, provided they have a spare potion available.

A good tip for beginners thymesia is that talents can be swapped out at any time via a beacon, so players should feel free to swap around and experiment.

plague weapon

  • Most plague weapons will work in this fight, so players are advised to choose one that is either high level or one they are comfortable with. Shorter ranged plague weapons are more useful in this fight as the player wants to be close to Odur.


Both Long lasting potion and Fast acting potion are good for this fight.

  • Long lasting potion can be great for players who want the pure healing value the potion gives. They must be careful while dodging Odur, as the potion can take some time to consume, meaning they must be wary of potential attacks that come their way while healing.
  • Fast acting potion is great for its speed. Because Mutated Odur uses a lot of short combos, Fast Acting Potion allows the player to get quick heals mid-fight.

Gameplay Tips

Stay close

  • Odur’s tentacles have an incredibly long range and can easily surprise players. It is recommended that players stay close to Odur and dodge sideways instead of backwards to avoid them.

Be prepared

  • This is the final battle in the Sea Of Trees zone. This means players must have defeated both the regular Odur and The God of the Fools. The mutated Odur might not be quite as challenging as the regular Odur, but it hits hard and is not for the faint of heart. Players should try to face Mutated Odur later in the playthrough as it will make the fight significantly easier with better gear and talents.

Much like the first iteration of Odur in Thymesia, Mutated Odur can really give players a run for their money, so players may need to have multiple runs before completing this fight.

thymesia is available now for PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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