How To Defeat The Great Architect In Octopath Traveler: Champions Of The Continent

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Even after completing the main story quests of Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent, its a lot to do. If you want to upgrade your teams with the best gear, you should start working towards the battle-hardened weapons, which can be obtained by defeating powerful NPCs.

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The Battleworn Ax is one of Apothecary’s most powerful weapons, but it takes some planning to obtain. To get it you must defeat the Great Architect in Valore, which can be difficult if you are unprepared. Let’s take a look at where to find the Great Architect and how to defeat him to get the Battle-hardened Axe.


Where to find the great architect

The great architect can be found in Valore: Main Boulevard. When you enter this area, go left, then immediately down, then turn right into the hidden path in the trees. The great architect can be found here.

battle strategy

The great architect is weak against staff and dark attacks, making it difficult to attack its weak points. Throughout the fight, the Great Architect will do it High damage multi-hit attacksand an attack that hits them front row for high damageinflict bleeding.

Due to its high damage attacks and weakness to staffs, we recommend it brings some clerics into the fray. Some notable examples are billionwhich is a good all-round option for damage and healing, MennoWho can apply regeneration in the first row and madeleinewho has access to a 3-hit staff attack.

A sample group for fighting the Great Architect.

With at least three clergymenyou should be hired cure and Breaking the Great Architect’s shield points. Next, we recommend using a tank unit how Tressa or Gilderoywho can drag the enemy’s attacks.

For your main damage dealer, Heinz is a very good and cheap option as he has very high dark damageand his two single target dark attacks have a low SP cost. To increase Heinz’s damage output, bring Elemental damage buffers like Lynette or Fabioand elemental defense debuffs like Viola.

Bring in your last party slot another heavy damage dealerif present, or a Thief unit that can use universal Shieldbreaker attacks how Wingate or Heathcote.

Equip your party with the best gear at your disposal. Equip your tanks and damage traders with Beast and Dragon Scarves to regenerates HP and SP throughout the fight, as these units don’t rotate as often as the rest of your party.

Try throughout the fight Keep the Great Architect in the broken state as much as possible. Build up your BP and attack Multi-hit attacks only to break his shield Increase your buffs and Heinz’s dark attacks inflict high damage. Use your tank Aggro drawing abilitykeep them alive with your clerics, Reapply buffs as neededand repeat the interrupt and boost process until the Great Architect is down.


After defeating the Great Architect, you have a chance to get this Battleworn Axe. This weapon is guaranteed not to fall offbut by fighting with Battle, you can get a historical material every time you defeat the NPC. This article can be exchanged for battle-worn weapons later in exchange.

In addition, you can Challenge the Great Architect as many times as you like with the Impress Way action. This way you can keep fighting the NPC to drop the Battle-hardened Axe. Farming a few of these weapons will keep your Apothecaries well-equipped for future content.

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