How To Defeat The Mokupuni Dojo

Like his inspiration Pokemon, temtem is a creature collection MMO game where players can test their might against other players and dojo masters. Continue through the regions in temtemSet in the open world of the Airborne Archipelago, players must complete the area’s Dojo and defeat the resident Dojo Master.

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The Mokupuni Dojo is the second dojo that players will encounter in the early stages temtem. It must be cleared to advance to the next region, Citerior Omninesia, as players will need the Elevator Key, which is given as a reward once the Mokupuni Dojo Master Rawiri has been defeated. This guide will detail how to bypass the log platforming puzzle in Mokupuni Dojo to reach Rawiri and the six Temtem he will use in battle, with their weaknesses that players can exploit to win .


How to reach Rawiri, the Mokupuni Dojo Master

When players first enter the Mokupuni Dojo, they will find that there are some moving log platforms over lava pools directly in front of them. Players must plan their moves carefully to progress to the next stage

If players aren’t quick enough, they will get caught in the bushes surrounding this puzzle and will be teleported back to the start of the dojo. The grassy platforms also trap the player, meaning they are unable to move and are teleported back to the starting area.

To the right of this next section are more relocation logs. Players cannot jump onto platforms with bushes, so they must memorize the patterns of moving logs and time their movements. Once they reach the edge platform, they will see two chests guarded by two Temtem Tamers.

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Fight the pair of tamers and open the two chests to get 2 Average Crystals for sale and a Vigorous Medlar. Once they do, they can either intentionally miss their jumps to teleport back, or jump back to the center platform.

The left side of the middle platform is essentially the same as above: cross the fast-moving logs and avoid falling into the bushes to reach another pair of tamers and two chests. Defeat these tamers to earn some much-needed pansuns, and open the two chests to receive two coolers and an ice cube.​​​​​​​

From the middle platform, the player can finally advance to reach a set of four moving logs. This section will test the player’s patience as waiting for the moment of battle before proceeding is a fine art.​​​​​​​

Once they get through this tricky section, the player has finally reached the Dojo Master Rawiri.

The fight against Rawiri

Rawiri has six Temtem in his roster that prove to be formidable opponents. Like the theme of the Dojo itself, three of Rawiri’s Temtem are Fire-types and two are Nature-types. All of his Temtem have level ranges between 18 and 30. At this stage of the game, players should aim to have their main Temtem team around level 25 or higher to ensure this fight goes smoothly.​​​​​​​

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temtem Type weaknesses
Tateru Neutral mentally
Deendre Nature fire, poisonous
magmis Fire water, earth
banapi Fire water, earth
Raise Fire water, earth
typhoon Nature fire, poisonous

Players should make sure they have a decent Water-type Temtem in their roster, as these are very effective against Fire-types. Two frequently spawning Water Temtem from the first island, Deniz, are excellent for this fight: Saipat and Kalabyss. Both take less damage from Rawiri’s fire techniques, and her water techniques deal double damage in return.​​​​​​​

Players must also make sure to pick up and equip the Ice Cube item from one of the earlier chests onto one of their Temtem. This reduces Fire-type damage by 20%, which should be placed on one of the player’s Nature Temtem if they have one, as Fire Temtem are strong against them.

Once players defeat Rawiri, he rewards them with 720 Pansuns and the Elevator Key to reach the next location, Citerior Omninesia, and progress through the game’s story campaign. They can also challenge Rawiri again in weekly rematches for bonus items and rewards. A teleporter will also open, allowing players to bypass the irritating platforming section.

temtem can be played on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch.

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