How To Defeat Yhelm Hell Boss In Metal: Hellsinger

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It’s time to be more aggressive than ever in this particular boss fight. The Red Judge aspect in Yhelm is one who likes to have a flying shield most of the time, so learning when and how to shoot is important to achieve victory Metal: Hellsinger.

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Before it rains blood (or fireballs), here are a few tips to keep your rage meter charged and dodge this creature’s attacks. Grab your new weapon, turn up the volume and (rhythmically) shoot the beast. This Pitty Shield will be nothing after that.

Yhelm’s Red Judge Aspect Overview

During your time in Yhelm you will encounter two types of new enemies. Some ugly flying bugs throw the poison clouds, and a improved version of the cambion (the guys with guns) who have shields. These are pretty troublesome creatures as the poison clouds stay on stage for a few seconds and you have to get to the Cambion’s back to deal damage. The bugs can also move from side to side and dodge your shots, and the other creature’s grenade can easily catch you.


Watch out for them as they will support the boss when he starts to lose health. On the other hand, you will fight this aspect in one fairly large arena with no threat but the creatures themselves, so you have plenty of room to avoid them.

Speaking of bosses, this red judge aspect has a shield of rocks usually. This of course blocks all your attacks. The shield changes height, with movement also moving up and down.

However, it is not. As with the previous aspects, the boss will throw projectiles. Most often they ascend to the sky and then descend again. These work differently than regular fireballs because They stay on the ground for a few seconds before exploding. In addition, this aspect also throws regular fireballs when stunned. Many of themand they usually fly towards your head.

Eventually, the Red Judge Aspect is created in Yhelm short and fast explosions from time to time if you get too close. This can be problematic when you need to get close to the sign, but we’ll give you some tips for that below.

How to defeat the boss in Yhelm

The first thing you should notice when entering the arena is that it is there red crystals around the boss. Shoot them even if the boss is shielded as this will hurt the aspect thanks to the AoE damage.

After that, you’ll find that there doesn’t seem to be any way to attack this creature unless you get under the shield and start shooting at it from there. Going to this point will give you a few free hits, but so will it Provoke the boss to explodewhich affects your Hit Streak and Fury meter.

The good news is that you can actually hit the enemy from a safer location. You just have to use your new weapon that volcano (a crossbow). That devilish weapon creates explosions when the shot hits perfectly on beat on other surfaces. See the little circle of flames under the boss? This is your sweet contribution for free damage without much worries.

With the Aspect going up with his shield, now’s a good moment to switch to your dual pistols, get a little closer, and fire from below. You have to dodge the projectiles by running sideways, but no explosions will stand in your way.

If you’re losing too much health, don’t forget about it A green crystal fully heals your bar. You can also slaughter a normal enemy if they are vulnerable.

As for the multiple lines of projectiles when you go into Frenzy, there are a few low walls which you can use as your personal shield against this attack. Just stick with it for a few seconds and you’ll be fine.

Finally, without a shield, the boss can move to one side of the arena and start throwing projectiles from one of its sides. There isn’t much strategy here: just jump to the side you want, use the nearest wall and keep attacking the enemy with The Hounds, which are the best weapon for the occasion.


Defeating this boss will unlock the next Hell. Incaustis, as well as three new torments to test your skills. The torments are Ultimate Championship: I, Killing with Rhythm: IIand Weapon Tricks: II.

If you see Torment locked, that’s because of that You must complete the previous version to unlock it. For example, if you can’t access Weapon Trickery: II, that’s because you need to complete Weapon Trickery: I.

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