How To Deliver A Gargwa Egg

To unlock the Egg Hammer I in Monster Hunter Rise, Hunters must deliver two Gargwa Eggs, which are acquired from Gargwas in the Shrine Ruins.

A brilliant idea” is an NPC request quest in Monster Hunter Ascension, in which the high-ranking huntress Ayame tasks players with the delivery of two Gargwa Eggs. Completing this quest rewards participants with the Egg Hammer I, a mace topped with a giant, unbreakable egg decorated with feathers. The hammer isn’t optimal for combat, but its unique and comical aesthetic makes arming it a worthwhile unlock. At least the latest sun break update a Monster Hunter Ascension Enables weapon transmog, allowing players to flaunt their egg hammer in early and late game.


Gargwas are docile bird wyverns that inhabit the shrine ruins locale Monster Hunter Ascension. These birds are characterized by round, chicken-shaped bodies with tiny wings. Their beaks look like those of a duck’s beak. Gargwas rarely attack hunters and will usually flee when threatened. Accordingly, players must acquire the eggs of these creatures if they wish to fulfill Huntress Ayame’s request Monster Hunter Ascension.

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Garg was in Monster Hunter Ascension can be found in area 6 of the Shrine Ruins, including the unmarked lake between area 6 and area 13. Previously in World of Monster Hunters, hunters had to look for a bird’s nest to get eggs from such wild creatures. However, since Gargwas do not have nests in the Shrine Ruins, players may be confused as to where their eggs come from Monster Hunter Ascension.

Completing an egg cellent idea quest in Monster Hunter Rise

According to YouTube content creator Game Corner, Gargwas lays an egg when hit with a weapon Monster Hunter Ascension. This event is RNG based and does not occur when a Gargwa is attacked. Also, these birds do not need to be killed for the egg to drop, as simply throwing a kunai at the creature is enough for it to place the quest item. There is also a small chance that frightened Gargwas will lay an extremely valuable Golden Gargwa Egg, which can be traded for thousands of zenny. However, keep in mind that these Golden Egg variants cannot be used to “A brilliant idea” in Monster Hunter Ascension.

After you manage to find a Gargwa Egg inside Monster Hunter Ascension, the next step is to bring the egg back to the supply chest in the main camp. subcamp in Monster Hunter Ascension don’t have this special chest; Therefore, players cannot carry the eggs to these locations. The fastest route is via the path of rivers and waterfalls south back to the main camp of the shrine ruins. While players cannot ride their Palamute during this time, they can still use their Wirebug to reach their destination faster.

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Source: YouTube/Game Corner

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