How to destroy breakable walls

Steelrising has some mysteries, and one of them is what lies behind destructible walls. This requires a specific tool, and while it can be done relatively early in a playthrough, it requires some work from the player to accomplish. After acquiring the alchemist’s tool in question, all you have to do is return to those walls and break through them.

How do players get access to this powerful tool? You must first make your way to Luxembourg in your Steelrising playthrough.

The fragile walls of Steelrising can be breached with the alchemist’s ram

These walls can be destroyed if Aegis has the right tool for the job (Image via Spiders)
These walls can be destroyed if Aegis has the right tool for the job (Image via Spiders)

Like every tool in Steelrising, the alchemist’s required ram is hidden behind a clash of titans. Players need to get to Luxembourg, which unlocks as a side area fairly early on. This will be the ultimate goal for players looking to tear down breakable walls.

In fact, it may be better for players to head to this area as soon as possible, as it will become a main story area later in the game, meaning its difficulty will increase significantly. To acquire this tool, players must enter the grand plaza where the Luxembourg Titan’s alchemist awaits them.

With superior agility, dangerous AOE attacks, and access to all three elemental afflictions, this is certainly not an easy opponent, which is to be expected given it’s an alchemist. The boss fight has two phases and will use new attacks in the second phase. Here’s what players need to watch out for.

Phase 1 attacks

In Phase 1, players must remember and beware of certain attacks. His hyphen puts him in a defensive stance, where he then charges about halfway across the battlefield. It can throw Aegis far back, so players need to watch out for this move. Players can also encounter them spin attack in this phase. This turn includes a wind-up phase before the Alchemist spins to deal damage for two seconds.

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strike comes after the boss raises his arms in the air. It tracks your location before slamming down again. Thankfully, this Steelrising boss gives players time to dodge and strike behind him. fireball is an attack that launches from its cannon and explodes at the end of its range. Since this is a large projectile, it would be wise to dodge a few times just to be safe.

piston wall is the last attack for phase 1. This special attack is triggered by staying near the boss for a long time. It bounces back and throws four elemental flasks that explode and deal AOE damage. This can be circumvented by dodging backwards. However, at half health, Phase 2 begins.

Phase 2 attacks

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Steelrising players can tell when this stage has triggered as the boss will spew fire from his chimney. The boss then fills the area with fog, dealing Frost damage and shrinking the battlefield even further. In this special phase, the stronger alchemical attacks begin.

field of fire is a melee attack. The chimney spews more flames and for five seconds the boss is surrounded by a field of fire, dealing damage and inflicting the Ignite status.

Electric field is another melee attack to watch out for. The alchemist approaches Aegis and extends an arm. This attack unleashes an electric field in front of the boss, and the trick is to quickly jump behind the alchemist and attack as hard and fast as possible. Luckily, the enemy will be trapped in this animation for six seconds.

The strongest attack to be aware of is ice droplet field. For this attack, it drops its cymbal and drips four icy drops into it. A frost field shoots out, and if Aegis is caught, she’s instantly frozen. It also deals great damage every half second.

As shown above, this is not an easy fight at any point, but defeating this boss will grant you a reward of 7,500 Anima Essence and the Alchemist’s Ram Tool. Once the player has collected their memory fragments, completing this boss fight will also awaken the Palais de Luxembourg. With the Alchemist’s Ram in hand, players can now smash through breakable walls in Steelrising.

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