How to deter mice: Four ‘effective home remedies’ to prevent a mice infestation

Temperatures are currently starting to drop in the UK, causing mice to seek refuge from the cold and make their homes cozy. Even if you think all openings in your home are sealed, mice know how to slither inside, especially when threatened by freezing temperatures. Although they look harmless, these pests can cause damage, potentially carry disease and even become a fire hazard, making it essential to take immediate action.

Pest control experts at Rentokil said: “We know how stressful and surprising it is to see a mouse in your home. Even more frightening is the thought of getting rid of it.

“While a more serious infestation will require professional help, there are a number of natural home remedies that can help keep mice out of your home.

“Home remedies are often preferred for pest control because they are non-toxic, effective, and in many cases the more humane option.”

Peppermint oil

Poison baits may seem like an easy solution, but they can also be risky. Poison can make pets and children in your home sick, so it’s safer to stick with non-toxic baits and treatments.

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fabric softener sheets

Surprisingly, mice really don’t like the smell of dryer sheets. This is great news because this is a product that homeowners may already have lying around in their home

The best part? It’s even less work than spraying, diffusing or diffusing other fragrances.

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The pest control experts said: “Mice can’t stand the smell of fabric softener. Stuffing those sheets at suspected entry points not only keeps mice at bay, but keeps your home smelling fresh and clean.”

Unfortunately, they lose their smell after a while and need to be replaced to continue to be effective in that particular area.

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Used cat litter

do you have the cat Apparently, when Brits scoop up used, unscented cat litter and put the litter in a jar, it’s very effective at repelling mice.

The experts said: “It is well known that cats are natural enemies of mice and they will flinch if they suspect a cat is living in the house.

“Put buckets of used kitty litter near suspected entry points in your home and they won’t come back.”

The reason for using unscented litter is that the smell doesn’t mask the smell of urine with perfume.

Apple Cider Vinegar

As previously mentioned, mice hate strong scents due to their intense sense of smell. Apple cider vinegar may be the most potent scent out there, especially when left undiluted.

This strong, acidic aroma is good for repelling many creatures, and mice are no exception.

For those who can’t stand the smell of vinegar, they can dilute it with water and it will still have an effect on mice.

The pest experts advised: “Spray this mixture around your home and at all indoor access points. Make sure you reapply the solution once a month.”

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