How to DIY a microcement backsplash for a cool, budget kitchen upgrade

If you love a luxurious look for a kitchen but can’t afford marble or engineered stone, why not create a DIY microcement backsplash to transform your cooking area without splashing the cash?

Sure, kitchen countertops have always been big business as they are often the shining star of kitchen decor. These days, however, surface-level countertops aren’t enough: it’s really all about the splashback.

When you are looking for kitchen backsplash ideas, bigger really seems to be better. Backsplashes often run the full length of the worktop, extending much higher up the wall than ever before (goodbye flimsy 50mm splashbacks), often culminating in a floating ledge shelf made of the same material as the worktop and backsplash consists.

Microcement backsplash behind the kitchen range

(Image credit: Claire Douglas)

DIY microcement backsplash: step by step

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