How To Do a Slide Kick in Fortnite

When Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 arrived on September 18th, a brand new slide kick mechanic was introduced. Here’s how to slide kick in Fortnite.

When Fourteen days Chapter 3 Season 4 released on September 18th and introduced a wealth of new content, including a brand new slide kick mechanic. As a new season begins, players must complete new weekly challenges in order to level up and earn Battle Stars for the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass. One of these weekly challenges challenges players to remove a runaway boulder with a slide kick-in Fourteen days. Happily, Fourteen daysThe new Slide Kick mechanic is very easy to use, especially for players who are already familiar with sliding Fourteen days.


Fourteen days Added the gliding mechanic at the beginning of Chapter 3 Fourteen days Players who are getting into the Battle Royale game for the first time. Players can slide inside Fourteen days by pressing the crouch button while running or sprinting on an incline. Sliding down a hill Fourteen days helps players build momentum, making it particularly useful for outrunning or dodging opponents Fourteen days‘s getting smaller and smaller storm circle.

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Since the slide kick mechanic is brand new for Chapter 3 Season 4, Fourteen days Players may be wondering how to complete a slide kick-in Fourteen days. Luckily, the slide kicks in Fourteen days is easy to accomplish as players will now auto-kick if they come into contact with an object while sliding. If a player comes into contact with an opponent while sliding, they will automatically kick the player on contact and deal damage.

How to push kick in fortnite chapter 3 season 4

To complete the Chapter 3 Season 4 Weekly Challenge of using a slide kick to release a runaway boulder, Fourteen days Players must first weaken the boulder by damaging it with their pickaxe. Fourteen days Players must weaken the runaway boulder as much as possible without breaking it so that its health bar is as low as possible without moving the boulder. Once the boulder is weakened, players simply have to slide into the boulder as they perform a slide kick on contact, which detaches the runaway boulder and rolls away.

Fourteen days adds new mechanics like slides and slides with each new season. Lucky for Fourteen days Players will find the game’s slide and slide kick mechanics easy to use, especially for players who are used to sliding in other games. Chapter 3 Season 1 surprised players by removing buildings, one of them Fourteen daysThe core functions of . Although the building was put back into service shortly afterwards, Fourteen daysThe Zero Build mode became a staple of the game and has been incredibly popular ever since.

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