How To Drain A Waterbed With A Hose Youtube

This will leave you with one hose that is full of water and connected to both. To use the siphon effect you need to have a hose that will reach from the waterbed to the outside of the house.

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Turn on the water for 15 seconds.

How to drain a waterbed with a hose youtube. The plastic piece leaked the whole time while filling up the bed!! Release the kink in the hose and set the hose end down once you reach the designated drainage area. Tools needed are a drain & fill kit, or an electric pump.

Your washer may contain from 5 to 10 gallons of water. Attach hose to the super pump (e). Below we have included some drain and fill instructions we hope you will find helpful and make your job easier and faster.

I turned the water on high, and what came out look like motor oil! Turn your faucet until it starts to send water out through both hoses. Attach a hose to the waterbed mattress to drain it.

Then, turn the shut off valve into the off position. How to drain a waterbed with a hose and whitout a pump softside waterbed mattress. If so you may have to use one of them, like a toilet that you know has a working drain.

Attach the garden hose to the outside spigot and turn on the hose. Quickly turn the water off and then unscrew the hose from the outside faucet. Before using the hose flush it through with clean water for about ten minutes.

For a king hard side and 30 minutes with a king soft. Epoxy and jb weld require the mixing of two separate chemicals that bond extremely tightly when they harden. Thanks guys for the help on draining the waterbed, but i can't fit the hose into the bed so i think i use the drain kit adapter but i don't know how it installs.

See more ideas about water bed, water bed mattress, water mattress. Demonstrated in the youtube “afloat waterbed assembly” video. Drain and dry the bed out, since most adhesives stick better to a surface that's not wet.

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Fill meter & fill chart: The hose can be lower than the bed. Once the waterbed was filled, the plastic piece broke when removing from the kitchen faucet!!

The plastic piece you are given for hook up from the kitchen faucet to your garden hose, is a piece of junk!! You might need a second person to be waiting outside by the spigot. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on youtube.

This will create a continuous siphon by pushing the air that is in the garden hose into the mattress. Screw the faucet adapter to the faucet (a) and connect the super pump to the adapter. Let the end of the hose stretch out on the ground in an area that can take the run off.

You can buy a waterbed pump that hooks up to a drill at the hardware store, this will let you pump the water outside or up to the toilet. About every 30 seconds, i could feed the hose several more feet until it was clear enough that the hose actually made its way out of the drain and up into the downspout. Epoxy, jb weld and silicone bathroom caulk have been used as adhesive for homemade waterbed patches.

This video is intended for hardside waterbed installation only. Watch to see when the first hose is full. The drain & fill kit | conditioner is the complete h2o package and it has everything you need to fill and drain either a hardside waterbeds or a softside waterbed.

Turn the water on for about 15 seconds to get the water flowing into the waterbed. 3) time to fill the bed with water!! Start by removing all bedding from the waterbed.

As waterbed mania swept the nation, specialty outlets like waterbed plaza, waterbed emporium, and the waterbed store opened up shop, and wave after wave of cheesy local television ads followed. If mattress has been in storage and conditioners were not added, add two 8 oz bottles of blue magic® waterbed conditioner. After stripping your bed, take a few towels and place them around the waterbed.

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Attach perfect union® to the remaining end of the. If you do not have a floor drain, let the water drain out of the drain hose and into. Carry the kinked end of the hose to the drainage location, holding the hose end higher than the level of the water in the pool as you walk.

Position the drain hose as low as possible and into a floor drain if possible to empty the water. Allows you to turn the water off and on without running back to the faucet or other water source. Attach one end of a garden hose to a faucet outside the house and the other end to the waterbed's drain valve.

To get the water out from the very bottom of your washer, disconnect the drain hose from the wall. ) the rest of the bed set up was simple!! Electric waterbed pumps are the fastest method.

Drain the hose and carry one end up to the water bed. Attach one end of a garden hose to a faucet outside the house and the other end to the waterbed's drain valve. Allow the hose to run until a steady stream of water spills out into the bucket next to the bed.

Running water through the hose will eliminate any remaining air from the hose. I willing to siphon but i can't get the hose connected to the bed. Pumps can be rented or purchased through your dealer.

To drain the bed you are going to cause a reverse siphon. You can also use a shop vac the other option is to find the drain under the water and run a snake through it. Turn on the water for 15 seconds.

Next the draining process is best done with the proper tools. The hose can be lower than the bed. This includes removing mattress pads, sheets, comforters, pillows, and everything else.

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How to drain your waterbed with super pump. Threads on to the male end of the hose. Allows you to properly fill your water compartment or compartments.

This will aid in the draining process. You can then disconnect the second hose from both the faucet and the valve. If it still seems a big confusing or we did not explain what to do in a way that is clear, please give us a.

The hose went in about 3' before hitting a clog. Set the hose on the floor through the house and out. Ultimately, you won’t be able to drain the bed without stripping towels at the foot of your bed.

The innomax® thermal guardian® hardside heater installation video goes through assembly & safe setup of your touch temp™ and/or quantum™ waterbed heater. The process takes up to 50 minutes approx.

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