How to Dress Like Edi Gathegi From ‘For All Mankind’

SEASON 3 the Apple TV+ sci-fi series Alternative History For all mankind illuminates a fictional 1990s space race to Mars between NASA, the USSR and Helios, a private company with an Elon Musk-like billionaire founder, Dev Ayesa. Dev, played by actor Edi Gathegi, is determined that his crew get to the red planet first – no matter the cost. While Dev’s relentless tactics may be tasteless, his clean, retro-inspired style is anything but.

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men health spoke with For all mankind Costume designer Esther Marquis to find out how much Dev’s style is influenced by space racing history, sci-fi fantasy and notorious tech magnates. Below we’ve made it easy for you to get the look.

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Men’s Health: How much of the show’s wardrobe is based on historical accuracy?

For all mankind Costume designer Esther Marquis: Realism is the driving force, although the lines between fiction and reality are somewhat blurred. It was important to ground our characters in reality – the wardrobe choices for each character are definitely a reflection of the time period. We may have taken an artistic liberty, but the main thing we wanted to do was capture the time.

What would you say is communicated through Dev’s stylistic choices?

Dev’s style embodies various iconic men who have built their own impressive businesses. We tried to approach Dev in a similar way: applying all the traits of success combined with his unique view of the world.

Do you have specific guidelines or rules you followed to stay in Dev’s character specifically?

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Dev’s youthful fascination with space racing came into play. We started focusing on the clean lines of the ’60s. We tried to capture some of the excitement that came with the space race. His look evolves as the season progresses, more streamlined, more in line with our iconic characters, but still uniquely his own point of view.

The easiest way to dress up in Dev’s look is to start by finding a retro-inspired polo. We’ve put together three easy polo styles for you to recreate based on the outfits Dev wore for the show.

The classic piqué polo

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The cozy knitted polo

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Vintage stripe knit button polo
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The structured, ribbed polo

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