How To Earn And Claim ‘Rocket League’ Fan Rewards For The 2022-23 RLCS Season

When incredible skill and exciting competition lie in between rocket leagueThe top players from aren’t enough to lure you in, fan rewards provide an added incentive for esports fans to gear up for the 2022-23 seasons of the Rocket League Championship Series and Collegiate Rocket League.

rocket league Fan Rewards offers fans the opportunity to earn free in-game cosmetics simply by watching official RLCS and CRL streams on Twitch. These rewards include exclusive decals, wheels, player titles and frames, and the legendary Splash! Target Blast:

Visit the Official Fan Rewards Page for a full list of potential rewards and additional FAQs.

How to Earn Fan Rewards

Link your accounts

The first step to earning exclusive cosmetics is connecting Twitch and rocket league accounts. To do so, navigate to and click on the orange “Enroll Now!” button.

You will then be prompted to log into your Twitch account and then select “Authorize” on the next page to link to the Rocket League Drops application. You will then be redirected back to rocket league where you can choose the platform you want to receive rewards on.

Click on the platform icon, log in and you are linked! Of course, you should link the platform you play on most often, as that is the platform your rewards will be delivered to. However, players can share these items with their accounts on other platforms using Epic Games account linking.

View eligible streams

The next step is to stop eligible streams with fan rewards enabled – done! No need to type anything in chat or actively watch the stream. As long as you have the stream open, it can be in a background tab or even muted.

As of October 2022, both Rocket League Championship Series streams and Collegiate Rocket League streams have rewards enabled. The full RLCS schedule can be found here and the CRL schedule here. Unfortunately, watching replays or VODs of these events doesn’t count towards drop progress, so watch each event live on or if you can.

Check drop progress and claim rewards

rocket league Fan rewards are now time-based, meaning you will receive drops after a certain amount of time watching the streams instead of the random-based system previously. To check your progress on an active rewards campaign, click on your Twitch profile picture and look at the Drops section of the dropdown menu, which shows your current progress as a percentage.

Once you receive a Drop, you will receive a notification in Twitch that you can now claim a reward. Click on the Drops section mentioned above to visit the Twitch inventory page where you can claim your rewards.

After that, your new item will be waiting for you the next time you log in rocket league on your connected platform.

Additional details for each Twitch Drops campaign (including watch time requirements for each Drop) can be viewed by selecting the active one rocket league Campaigns in the Twitch Drops campaign browser. This page tells you exactly how long you need to watch to earn each reward.

For example, this particular CRL stream rewarded drops at 2, 5, and 8 hour viewing over two nights of league play. Another RLCS stream offered rewards after 2, 6, and 10 hours of viewing.

If you end up getting a double drop, or just a drop you don’t want, you can trade those items with other players to finally get your hands on your new favorite items.

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