How To Earn Money Fast

adventure game tunic does not exactly hold the player’s hand. There are a number of mechanics and other features that remain intentionally mysterious, either until the player reaches a certain point in the story, obtains a certain item, or for the entire game. Because of this, it’s easy to wonder how best to achieve even simple things.

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tunic is not a traditional RPG, although it leans heavily on that genre. The player does not gain experience points to level up. Instead, the main purpose of killing enemies is to collect the money they drop. The player can spend this precious golden resource in various shops to upgrade potions and other useful items. Here is everything the player needs to know in order to get money fast Tunic.


Basics of making money

Money (the golden items dropped by enemies, not to be confused with the collectible gold coins scattered around the world) is easy to win through battles, but finding the most reliable way to get it in can be tricky to farm in large quantities, especially for beginners. as not all areas are created equal when it comes to enemies.

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The shops inside tunic are often hidden, and the player will just trip over them when not expecting them, unless they are actively looking for the shop icon on their map: a black door with two blue dots. It’s also worth noting that the player loses all their money when they die, so it’s important to take care to keep this legendary video game fox alive if the player is carrying a lot of money.

Places to Make Money

There are two things to look for in a good money farm location Tunic: Enemies that drop a lot of money and a nearby shrine. The importance of shrine locations may not be obvious to some: using a shrine resets all surrounding enemies as well as their coins, allowing the player to farm infinite cash. Kill the enemies, reset at the shrine and repeat. This process is time consuming, but it’s the only really effective way to make money Tunic. Thank God, tunic Mobs are not as difficult as their bosses.

One of the first major farm locations is the Forest Fortress. This section is easier if the player has already obtained the magic orb after completing the Eastern Vault. So if the player hasn’t done this, it’s worth doing this first. There are many enemies in the Forest Fortress, each dropping 10 coins, so the player can easily earn money here. The magic orb allows the player to easily pull enemies down from high positions, allowing them to access unreachable enemies for even more drops. tunic is not very long, but saving time is still helpful.

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Farming money in tunic is about maximizing the number of profitable enemies while minimizing the distance to the shrine. The more items the player obtains, the more avenues for money farming open up, making some of the best quick-money opportunities inaccessible until later in the game. It’s best to pay attention not only to how much money is being dropped when fighting through a particular area, but also how much more could potentially be earned if the player had optimized their route or had a piece of gear that they have not previously.

tunic is now available for PC, Mac, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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