How to escape Labyrinth in Gotham Knights | spinning spikes puzzle

Most of the puzzles in Gotham Knights are fairly easy to solve (just tap AR until you find the relevant clue), but one part of the game really amazed us: it’s when you’re captured by the baddies and yourself find stumbling around with Escape the maze as your only goal.

Your AR device won’t work in this mysterious area where spikes can come in from the walls and flamethrowers can attack you from above (talk about a bad day at the office). Not to mention the spinning spikes that feel like they’re straight out of a Saw movie.

Your hero will die instantly if any of these dangers touch you, even slightly, so we thought you might want a guide so we don’t get stuck here for as long as we did. We’ve made a video version (embedded above for your viewing pleasure), or you can read on for the written edition of this special Gotham Knights puzzle solution. We’ll get you out of the maze in no time.

How to escape the maze in Gotham Knights

Much of this is easier to explain in video form, so please check here if you can. We re-embed the video for easier access:

If you really prefer the written form of the guide, don’t worry. We are also there for you on this front. Read on and we will try to explain it best clearly. Here’s what you need to do to escape the maze in Gotham Knights.

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First whenever you explore the maze Keep an eye on the walls. You should be able to see the areas where spikes can spawn fairly easily, so make sure to duck under them when you see them. They can’t get you while you’re crouched, so that’s a pretty easy part.

When you reach the room with flamethrowers on the ceiling, crouch and make sure Do not stand directly under the flamethrowers. We got through this room on one try (unlike the other items in this section), so hopefully the same will happen to you.

When you reach a dead end (Batgirl always seems to be saying “Damn!” at this point), easy turn around and go back the way you came. You’ll notice that the layout of the maze has changed, allowing you to access the next area where things get difficult.

When you get to the room with the spinning spikes on big towers, you have to Wait for the gap between the two top towers on the far right. If you see the gap, you must sprint and then slide across the floor until you hit the wall on the opposite side.

Important NOTE: Don’t try to slide straight to the exit On the right side! Aim directly at the wall. If you hit the wall, wait a second. Turn slightly so you can see the spinning spike blocking the right door. Wait for a gap to appear and quickly sneak through the door.

Once you get past the spikes, things get a little easier (thankfully). They arrive at a series of rooms that seem set up just to emotionally torment our heroes (in Batgirl’s case, she sees a replica of her father’s office, complete with not-very-friendly voice notes). Whenever you reach one of these rooms, easy leave in any direction and just keep going.

Eventually you will reach rooms with idiots in them while your hero gradually returns to reality. All you have to do in these rooms is as usual Beat the idiots in one fight – When you exit the room, a door will usually open or a cutscene will take you to the next part. Remember that you have to use heavy ranged attacks on claws and heavy melee attacks on larger enemies with shields.

At one point you’ll reach a room with a large golden owl/orb in the middle of the room. To get out of this room you have to Stand on each of the pressure pads successively. There are two round pressure pads on the floor and two more on the gargoyles. If you walk from one of the gargoyles to one pad on the ground, to another pad on the ground, and then to the other gargoyle, each time waiting for the orb to head towards you, you should trigger the door to open.

You’ll soon be behind the scenes and witnessing the intricate machinery that powers the spooky maze. This bit is pretty self-explanatory, but you’ll need it at some point Throw your batarangs at two pressure points on a large gas tank to explode a way forward into existence.

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After a few more rounds of jerks and finding clues (thankfully your AR should be working again by now) you have a confrontation with a couple of mini-bosses in a room with lots of claws in tanks. between battles, Use AR to find the machines which you must interact with to turn off the talon tanks. This will start the process of blowing up the lab, which will happen in a cutscene.

After all that, you should finally be able to escape the maze in Gotham Knights and get yourself back into the open world territory. phew We won’t be in a hurry to play this segment again!

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