How To Escape The Hold

Guybrush can’t find the secret of Monkey Island when he’s stuck in LeChuck’s ship’s hold, but escaping proves a little difficult.

escape from the hold Return to Monkey Island The player only has to use what is directly in front of him to make a smart exit. When Guybrush is thrown into the hold, there seems to be no readily available exit other than a securely bolted window. With the tools collected and thrown down, the player can easily guide Guybrush out the window to continue his quest.

Return to Monkey Island is the sequel to a point-and-click adventure series that has been running since 1990. The sixth game in the series Return to Monkey IslandThe release date of was highly anticipated by fans of the puzzle genre. With a daring pirate plot and well thought out puzzles, the saga follows Guybrush Threepwood and his somewhat clumsy attempts at piracy. In this latest addition, Guybrush tells his son how he discovered the mystery of Monkey Island. The story begins on the well-known pirate stronghold of Melee Island, but Guybrush quickly finds himself trapped in LeChuck’s ship.


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After sneaking onto LeShip and posing as Schwabbie, a disguised Guybrush is thrown into the hold where some ghost chickens have taken up residence. There is also a suspicious box inside. Inside is one of Return to Monkey Island‘s fan favorite characters, Murray the skeleton. He was sent on the ship by Captain Madison to spy on LeChuck and he comes in very handy after the player escapes. Next to the crate, the player will find Guybrush’s handmade mop. When trying to wipe up the grease that Gullet has thrown down, it quickly becomes clear that Gullet is only going to squirt more. As far as the zombie pirate knows, the fat is actually an important factor in this escape plan.

Escape the hold upon returning to Monkey IslandHow to escape the fortress to return to Monkey Island

After applying grease to the mop, the player must dab the grease on the porthole screws to loosen them. With the previously purchased knife next to it Return to Monkey Island‘s interesting forgiveness frog, each screw can be unscrewed from the window to open it. Before they can slip through, the player must dab the porthole with grease at least three times to build up enough grease. The mop must be topped up with grease from the floor pile each time. After fixing the porthole, the player can easily get Guybrush out through the window to climb the side of the ship. However, they must be very careful not to encounter Gullet in the ship, as Gullet will take the player right back to where they started.

Even though Return to Monkey IslandThe controversial art style change made many fans nervous, overall the game really delivered a Monkey Island style Adventure. From returning characters to puzzles on how to get Guybrush out of trouble, this game hits all the right notes. The challenge of escaping the grip in Return to Monkey Island is not the most difficult task by far, but it really immerses the player in his pirate adventure.

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