How to extract text from images with your Chromebook

One of the coolest technologies to be released in recent years was the ability to remove text from images using Google Lens. It’s been around for a while, and while being able to perform a trick like this on your phone has become fairly commonplace, it’s only recently become a feature built right into the stable release of Chrome and ChromeOS.

We covered how it works in a post a few months ago, but now that this feature is coming to ChromeOS’s Stable Channel (and also Chrome Browser for Windows and macOS), we thought it would be a good time to give it a go Surely everyone knows about this really great tool and knows how to use it.

How to activate Google Lens

First, you need to enable Google Lens. To do this, either right-click on an image anywhere in your browser (2-finger click from trackpad) OR Right-click anywhere on the page. If you right-click on an individual image, you will be given the option to do so Image search with Google Lens. If you click on a part of the window that is not an image, select Search images with Google Lens.

Click the image
Click on the page itself

If you pick and choose the picture yourself Search images with Google Lens, The new side panel is activated with a full-fledged Google Lens experience. These include the ability to crop your image, search the web for it, scratch text, or translate the text in the image.

Google Lens on Chrome

The same applies to the selection Search images with Google Lens too, but the way you get your image is a bit different. If you don’t select the image to search, you have the option to drag a crop box around the content to search. This comes in handy when for some reason you can’t get the image you actually want to select.

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How to capture the text from an image

This part is just as easy. Once you’ve captured your image or site selection, you’ll have the option to click the text Button below and after a few seconds, Google Lens will allow you to copy one section at a time or the entire text content of the image. If you don’t select any text, you have the option to select all text available in the image.

Get a better look at your picture

In those cases where you just need to drag a little text out of an image here and there, I’d recommend clicking the pop-out button next to that X at the top of the side wall. This moves the entire Google Lens UI out of the side panel and into a full-size tab. This obviously expands your small image in the side panel to take up half your window and makes selecting smaller pieces of text much easier.

The superimposed Google Lens view

Copy and paste away

However you view and select your text, click Copy button to copy the selected text and you can then paste it into any available text field of your choice. If you’re capturing quite a bit of content, or even just a few sentences, I recommend Google Keep or Google Docs as a landing pad for your captured content. Go to either one and press CTRL+V (or SEARCH+V) to put your scraped text in a place where it can be edited and formatted to your liking.

And that’s it! You now know how to quickly pull text directly from an image without needing an extension or app. Google has created a great tool with Google Lens, and as it grows, it becomes more useful. We sincerely hope that this little tidbit will be useful to you later!

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