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As a player, explore the biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they will encounter many small animals (or critters as the game calls them) roaming around. Each biome has a unique animal that can be encountered in four to five different colors, although some may be unreachable until obstacles such as tree stumps and mushrooms can be removed. Players may also find that it’s possible to feed these animals, but there’s no really clear indication of what each animal wants.


So there is an element of trial and error when it comes to these animals and what their favorite food is. This guide will help players know where to find sea turtles and what to feed them.

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Where to find sea turtles

Sea turtles are only found on Dazzle Beach. As mentioned above, there are five different species of sea turtles that one can encounter. As a suggestion Disney Dreamlight Valley When players return to the game each day, not all five sea turtles are active at the same time. Even then, there are some that only appear at certain times. For example, a black sea turtle only appears between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm local time. Other species such as the brown sea turtle are available throughout the day when active.

What to feed sea turtles

When you encounter sea turtles, Disney Dreamlight Valley Players should feed them seaweed as this is their favorite food. If players don’t have seaweed, getting some won’t be too difficult as seaweed is easy to find while fishing at Dazzle Beach. There are no other foods that sea turtles eat, so players shouldn’t bother giving them anything else.

If players attempt to feed animals the wrong food, the animal will reject it and players will be unable to speak to the animal until the next day. So Disney Dreamlight Valley Players should be careful not to accidentally feed them the wrong item such as scallops or other items. As mentioned above, the animal interaction prompt doesn’t always work, so it may take multiple attempts to successfully open the menu to select a gift. Sea Turtles will occasionally hide in their shell when players approach. Leaving and slowly approaching once they appear allows players to interact with the sea turtle.

What happens when sea turtles are fed

Just like other animals, when Disney Dreamlight Valley When players give sea turtles a delicious gift, they receive a small thank you. Sometimes it’s a herb or similar ingredient, but occasionally critters will spawn a bag with a new theme. Motifs are designs that can be applied to clothing using the Magic Tool. Disney Dreamlight Valley Players should be aware that repeatedly feeding critters each day when they are encountered will eventually add that critter to their collection.

Once the creature is added to the Collection tab, it can follow the player. If players already have an animal companion, they must exchange it if they want their new friend to chase them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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