How to find and listen to podcasts on Twitter

(Pocket-lint) – Twitter is becoming a podcast app. As part of a new trial with Twitter Spaces, the Twitter mobile app lets you listen to full podcast broadcasts through curated playlists based on your interests. Here’s everything you need to know about this new feature in the app – including how to actually find and listen to podcasts on Twitter.

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Wait, when did Twitter get podcasts?

In August 2022, Twitter announced that its mobile app would launch a redesigned version of the “Twitter Spaces” tab (located in the center of the bottom navigation bar) containing full podcast shows.

How to Find and Listen to Podcasts on Twitter

  • Open the Twitter mobile app.
  • Go to the Twitter Spaces tab (microphone icon) in the navigation bar.
  • Find your personalized hubs for audio content, including podcasts

First, let’s talk about Twitter Spaces: It’s a feature and a space within the Twitter app that allows you to have live audio conversations (aka Spaces). Spaces are public, and you can join one by following a link from a tweet or direct message, or from the top of your timeline. (Live Spaces with a speaker or host you follow are highlighted purple at the top of your timeline.) You can also go to the Spaces tab to search for specific Spaces to listen to or join. The Twitter Spaces tab is right in the middle of the navigation bar at the bottom of the app. It has a microphone icon. Tap to open Twitter Spaces.

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So why are Twitter Spaces important? In August 2022, Twitter redesigned Spaces to open with personalized hubs (aka the Spaces hub). Based on your interests, these hubs group audio content about various topics (news, sports, etc.), including popular podcasts from around the world. When you see a podcast you like, give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down to let Twitter know if you like it. The more you do, the more customized your hubs become.

Live and upcoming spaces are still on the Space tab, just further down.

What podcasts are available on Twitter?

  • The “most popular and engaging” podcasts from around the world
  • Vox podcasts are part of the launch lineup

In a blog post, Twitter said its new personalized hubs in Twitter Spaces will feature the “most popular and engaging” podcasts. You can expect to see Vox podcasts among those that Twitter will be offering.

“Our internal research shows that 45 percent of US Twitter users also listen to podcasts monthly, so we automatically suggest top-performing podcasts so people can easily find and listen to the topics they want to hear more about. For example, if someone regularly engages with Vox content on Twitter, they’re likely seeing a Vox podcast on a Spaces hub.

Can anyone who uses Twitter listen to podcasts?

  • Podcasts are available to some users as part of a test
  • Currently only available in English

no The ability to listen to podcasts on the Twitter mobile app is just a test at this point. Twitter said the test would be rolled out to a random group of users around the world, initially in English only.

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Written by Maggie Tillman.

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