How to find downloaded files on an iPhone or iPad

When you download something onto a desktop computer, it’s easy to find. Just open the disk folders and look for what you just downloaded. However, on iOS devices, things get a little more difficult. Different types of files are stored in different places and in different apps. Here’s a quick rundown of where to find downloaded files on an iPhone or iPad.

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Normally, when you download files to your iPhone or iPad, documents are stored in the Files app. Music is in the Downloaded section of the Music app. Photos are in the Photos app, and apps are in your App Library (or on your front screen, depending on your settings).


How to find downloaded files on an iPhone or iPad

Files app on iPhone screen downloaded files

If you downloaded a document (PDF, Word document, text file, etc.) to your iPhone, then it is most likely located in the files apartment If you previously deleted the app, you can download it again from the App Store.

ios files app files downloaded on my iphone

Since the download was done in the Chrome browser, tap the chrome folder.

iOS Files App Folders Downloaded Files

The e-book I downloaded is here now.

iOS files app epub downloaded

If you long press on the thumbnail of the file, you will get different options. You can move the file to another folder in the Files app, duplicate it, compress it, rename it, or open it (via the Share menu). The default application for ePub files on iOS devices is the Books app.

If there isn’t a suitable app for the type of file you’re downloading, you’ll need to install something from the App Store first. Or leave it in iCloud to view later on your Mac (if you have a Mac, of course).

iOS files App menu options Downloaded files

How to find downloaded music on an iPhone or iPad

iOS music app on iPhone screen

If you have downloaded music from iTunes Store or imported MP3 files into the Music app, you can find them all in the downloaded Music app section. In the Music app, tap library tab below.

Library tab of the iOS Music app

The very first category on the next screen is downloaded. Tap on it to view your downloaded audio files.

iOS Music app downloaded files

Your downloaded audio files are categorized into genres such as Artist, albums, Songs, and so forth. You can search for a specific file by browsing one of these folders or by viewing the file Recently downloaded section at the bottom.

iOS Music app downloaded files
iOS photo app recently downloaded files

In the Photos app, go to albums tap and select Last. Your pictures will be the last ones there. Or scroll down to media types, and filter your media by type. Your downloaded images are also in the imports Section.

The iOS Photos app imports downloaded files

How to find downloaded apps on an iPhone or iPad

This is probably the easiest of them all. When you download and install an app, it appears either on your iPhone or iPad screen or in the App Library. It all depends on your device settings. To go to the app library, swipe left on the main screen. Your recently installed app is in the recently added folder at the top.

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