How to Find Fingerprints In Phasmophobia

Do you want to know how to find fingerprints in phasmophobia? Kinetic Games has developed a very fun horror game in which you and your friends will try to find evidence of the presence of ghosts. You have to guess which ghost lives on the map before it kills you all. And this is quite difficult, since ghosts can do a lot of different proofs and even fingerprints, which makes the gameplay more complicated. So read on to find out how to find fingerprints phasmophobia.

How to find fingerprints in Phasmophobia

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The essence of phasmophobia is very easy. You must find evidence of the presence of ghosts and guess which ghost lives in the location based on what you find. However, to do this, you need to use the appropriate tools. And forgetting to take something with you before arriving at your seat can easily spoil your round, especially if the ghost leaves fingerprints you can’t see with the naked eye phasmophobia.

Fingerprints are some of the evidence you can find in places. However, finding them can be difficult as ghosts won’t leave them anywhere. You will also need a special tool, namely a glowstick or a UV flashlight. Both can help you find fingerprints in it phasmophobia.

But a UV flashlight is not enough as you will spend too much time exploring every inch of the place. Luckily, the ghosts leave their fingerprints after interacting with something. Therefore, if the light in the room suddenly goes out, be sure to check the switches with a glow stick or UV flashlight. spirits pure phasmophobia can also leave fingerprints on the following surfaces:

  • Mirror
  • doors
  • cool boxes
  • keyboards
  • Window
  • string light poles
  • Picnic Tabletops
  • tents
  • lanterns
  • Steel keyholes
  • cell doors
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Also note that the fingerprints will disappear 2 minutes after the ghost has interacted with the surface. Therefore, you need to react quickly to anything suspicious. But you don’t have to just look for fingerprints, as this evidence could point to many ghosts:

  • Hanto
  • Goryo
  • demon
  • banshee
  • The facial expressions
  • poltergeist
  • phantom
  • obake
  • myling
  • jinn

That’s all you need to know about finding fingerprints in phasmophobia. It can be quite difficult to find as they disappear in 2 minutes. But with our tips you can quickly check all possible surfaces. And while you’re here, take a look at our guide on how to find and use the tortured voodoo doll phasmophobia.

phasmophobia is available for PC.

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