How to find lost or stolen phone through CEIR portal

The Department of Telecommunications, Govt of India CEIR website can be used to lock stolen and lost smartphones.

CEIRCEIR website can be used to lock, unlock and get details of a used smartphone.

There is no worse feeling than losing your smartphone in this connected world. Phones are no longer just devices used to make calls and send text messages, phones are currently the modern world equivalent of swiss army knives that can do many things.

The Government of India’s Department of Telecommunications has launched a new website called the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) that allows users to quickly file a complaint about a lost electronic device with an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, such as a mobile device. a smartphone, to be handed in at a local police station. Using the CEIR website, users can lock a stolen or lost mobile phone, unlock a found mobile phone and they can even use the website to find more details about a used smartphone.

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CEIR know your mobile can offer details of a used smartphone.

There is also a free Android and iOS app called KYM (know your mobile) which can also provide details on the status of your smartphone. It offers details like IMEI number status, cell phone manufacturer name, model number and device type. All you need is the IMEI number (which can be found on the bill, the box and also from the phone by dialing *#06#) and a phone number that can receive OTP.

You have to file a police report to ban a lost phone from the CEIR website.

How do I report a stolen or lost phone on the CEIR website?

Currently, the CEIR service is available in all 37 states (including Union Territories). To report a lost or stolen smartphone, one needs details such as the mobile phone number of the SIM cards installed in the phone, the IMEI number and a mobile phone purchase invoice.

Similarly, you must also file a report with the nearest police station as the digital copy of the police report along with the smartphone owner details are also required to lock the phone. If you block a smartphone on the CEIR website, it will be blocked in the central database and cannot be used.

You can also easily unlock a restored cellphone.

How do I unlock a found phone?

If you have recovered your stolen or lost cell phone, it can be unlocked through the CEIR website by entering details such as request ID and cell phone number and providing a reason for unlocking. Without unlocking the phone, the device will be disabled and useless.

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