How to Find More Orichalcum in Steelrising

Players who want to max out their weapons in Steelrising will need to invest in anima and gather material components, including the rare Orichalcum Ingots.

With the number of weapons that steel crates offers players, they’ll probably want to fully upgrade more than one, but to do so they’ll need to find Orichalcum Bars. In this indie game, players take on the role of Aegis, an automaton tasked with guarding Queen Marie Antoinette in an alternate history version of the French Revolution. Eventually, as players progress and find more weapons in this fast and fluid soul-like game, they will want to upgrade their favorite weapons. These upgrades not only require investing in anima, the game’s main resource, but also in special crafting materials.


weapons in steel crates are divided into eight different categories and each has different strengths and weaknesses. Players who prefer a fast and fluid playstyle are more likely to use light weapons like claws and fans, while those who prefer a more brutal and hard-hitting approach would likely enjoy maces or wheels more. No matter what choice, all weapons in it steel crates share a similar progression path as the cost to upgrade is the same for each option.

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Players can upgrade weapons to level five in this underrated souls-like game, but to do so they must collect different types of crafting materials. As players upgrade their equipment, the number of materials and the anima cost increase. These materials, in order of rarity, are as follows: Bronze Ingots, Cast Iron, Bismuth Blocks, and Orichalcum Ingots. Upgrading weapons will always come with more material requirements, and thus players will always need Bronze Bars to upgrade them, no matter the tier.

Where to Find Orichalcum Ingots in Steelrising

Orichalcum Ingot is the rarest upgrade material in the game, and getting it won’t be easy. While it is possible to purchase them from boutiques, this option unlocks very late in the game and will cost players a total of 7500 anima. Luckily, maxing out a weapon only requires a single ingot of Orichalcum, as it only takes one to go from level four to level five.

This material is obtained after defeating six specific bosses steel crates, meaning players can organically max out six weapons per run. These bosses are The Alchemist of Luxembourg in the Palais du Luxembourg, The Treasurer of Les Invalides in the Hôtel des Invalides, The Centaur in the Cavern, The Executioner in Grande Cour, The Instable Gargoyle in Bosquet de la Colonnade and The Iron Queen in Cour de Marmor .

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