How to find Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond in FIFA 23

(Pocket-lint) – FIFA 23 will officially launch on Friday 30 September 2022, with some getting early access to the game via EA Play or by pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition.

Those just starting out will find some new features and extras to get used to, including the addition of Ted Lasso and his team AFC Richmond from the hit Apple TV+ show. However, we’ve been asked a couple of times where he’s hiding in the game – some players can’t find him or the team to play.

That’s why we put together this quick and easy guide.



FIFA 23: How to play as Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond

Ted Lasso and the entire AFC Richmond team are available in FIFA 23 in multiple game modes. As are themed items in Ultimate Team and Nelson Road Stadium (which is modeled after Crystal Palace’s Selhurst Park since that’s where the show is filmed. But they’re not that easy to find.

Here’s how to choose them.

career mode

  • To have Ted Lasso as your manager and play as AFC Richmond in career mode, just follow these steps.
  • In “Game Modes” go to “Career” and start a “New Career”.
  • Click “Download Latest” when the squad update screen appears. If no update is available, just click Use Current Squads.
  • On the next screen, click “Play as Real Manager”. Now scroll through the country bar at the top of the next screen until you reach “Rest of World”.
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Electronic ArtsHow to find Ted Lasso and AFC RIChmond in FIFA 23 photo 4

  • Scroll through the managers below and Ted Lasso is available as the last option in the bottom right corner. Select it and click Next.
  • His default team AFC Richmond is shown (you can change it if you want to another team or a custom club). Click on Continue”.

Electronic ArtsHow to find Ted Lasso and AFC RIChmond in FIFA 23 photo 3

  • You must now move AFC Richmond to the league of your choice. Select the club you wish to trade, select your “Career Settings” on the next screen and off you go.

Unfortunately, while you can play as Ted Lasso in a managerial career and take control of his on-screen team, you cannot play as Roy Kent or any of the AFC Richmond players in a player career.

Quickplay, Pro Clubs, Seasons

You can also play as AFC Richmond in numerous other single player and online modes including Quickplay, Pro Clubs and Seasons.

Electronic ArtsHow to find Ted Lasso and AFC RIChmond in FIFA 23 photo 2

When you select your team you just have to scroll the country to “Rest of World” and there you will find AFC Ricmond.

Written by Rick Henderson.

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