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How To Fix Door Lock On Jeep Cherokee

Apr 04, 2018 | 2004 jeep grand cherokee 2001 jeep cherokee driver side door lock not working.

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I have a 98 jeep cherokee sport with auto locks.

How to fix door lock on jeep cherokee. I recently repaired my speaker in the driver side front door of my 2001 jeep cherokee sport but when i put the inside panel back on the door lock won't work. I removed the door panel, and can tell that the white piece that operates the lock does not make a sound or move when i when i hit the unlock button as it does on my passenger side rear door. I have a 96 jeep grand cherokee which all of a sudden all power door locks, windows and outside mirrors no longer work.

Sometimes it takes 10 presses to lock the door. A rod connects the actuator to the latch, and another rod connects the latch to the knob that sticks up out of the top of the door. I have checked the fuses under the hood (power distribution panel) all check out okay.

The auto locks work fine. Push the lock switch on drivers door and the switch on passenger door will tick, push the lock on passenger door the locks will work. Recently, ive found time to catch up on some xj cherokee care.

A jeep grand cherokee door lock actuator replacement costs between $248 and $295 on average. After it was installed i couldn't get out of the car using that door. Then next time push lock on passenger door nothing works.

Stuck jeep grand cherokee trunk door 1999 model you will need to replace the the door lock actuator for this door. The front driver's side and passenger door locks are cannot be locked with either the remote or the key, but the buttons on the doors are stuck in the locked position. The driver door is just messed up.

My drivers side door stopped working electrically. My jeep is a four door. I recently bought a 1999 jeep cherokee sport with an odd problem.

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What would make my passenger windows & my power door locks qiut working on my 1999 jeep grand cherokee 3 answers. You can turn the feature off on all jeep models, including the wrangler, grand cherokee and commander. Go to drivers door push switch every lock will work.

Right front or rear door lock cylinder rod mounting. This is probably not the solution. It has power locks as well as a rocker style interior lock to manually lock it.

When you push a lock button on the driver's door, you should be able to hear the noise from the motor. When you unlock the doors do you hear a loud noise yep that's the problem. Car door lock actuators are designed to lock and unlock a door without the effort of pulling on a cable and rod.

My driver's door lock button has been finicky in the same way on my '14. The child safety lock was on. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area.

The jeep cherokee (xj) is a compact suv that was manufactured and marketed by jeep from 1997 to 2001. The keyless entry works but the none of the buttons work, windows door or locks but the window lock out works 1999 jeep grand cherokee if you open the drivers door and look for the rubber boot near the hinge, pull the boot back and you will find a heavy blown wire with (i think with a red trace. Right door actuator rod mounting at latch, tailgate latch rod mounting at latch.

I have a 426 extended warranty which should cover the repair. Then it'll go for months where the first press works every time. I have the same problem with the rear driver's side door lock on my 2011 grand cherokee x and the dealer will be looking at it in two weeks when i go in for my 80,000 km service.

The inside lock button is stuck in the on position (but the door is not locked) and will not move and the key lock will not lock the. Mar 15, 2009 | 1999 jeep grand cherokee In some cars, the door lock actuator is positioned below the latch.

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The right rear door's rocker lock just wobbles, and doesnt do anything. The power lock buttons work, as does the lock when activated via power lock, so basically, only when power lock button is pressed does the door lock. Your door handle is most likely the culprit, but it just so happens to be working fine for now.

The key wont go in the hole at all, and you have to unlock this door by hand from the inside because when you hit the auto unlock button, the rest of the doors unlock, but this door just makes a loud whine noise. The 2011 jeep grand cherokee has 7 problems reported for door locks stop working. Checked the fuese inside the right side kick panel, all but one fuse checks out okay.

2000 jeep grand cherokee limited: After that the biggest pain was the little clips that hold the outer door latch arm and door lock arm. My only surprise was i had to remove a vertical window guide rail in order to remove the unit.

By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Right door lock cylinder rod mounting. I replaced my right rear actuator yesterday.

Average repair cost is $350 at 30,900 miles. Now you should be able to see the motor that activates the lock. Both of my passengers side windows quit working & both front & back passenger side & rear drivers door locks quit working with my power lock button (but the driver side front door still locks with i.

Be careful as the panel comes off, as it will have wires connecting to the window and door buttons. Each of these problems is common to the xj cherokees and tj wranglers, making forums all over the internet. There is a panel you pop out behind the inside release handle to remove some hardware, and same at the door grab 3.

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The rest of the panel pops loudly out of place with some prying underneath at the locations with the white retainers then you lift it up and off of the lock post and door sill while releasing the door pull cable and the power connections Rear door actuator rod mounting at latch. Does anyone know what this issue is and if it is an easy fix and what part(s) if any need replaced?

Detach these wires and set the door panel aside. This feature automatically locks your jeep's doors when the gearshift moves from park to drive. when the gearshift is returned to park, the doors automatically unlock. 04 grand cherokee larado special edition no lock at hatch or passenger door wont start after removing battery 1 chip key doors lock w/auto except driver dr i know nothing about modifications etc.

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