How To Format A Screenplay Title Page

For tv, title pages will usually use the show’s official artwork as the title. The screenplay title page format is something that can be found on a template.

Title Page Examples and Formats Title page example

The five components of your page are the description:

How to format a screenplay title page. The purpose of a title page. You should have a 1½ inch margin on the left of the page, a 1 inch margin on the right of the page, and 1 inch of white space on the top and bottom of the page. This should be spaced four lines below the screenplay title.

In addition, the title page will include the episode name and number, the director’s name, the draft, and sometimes the shoot date and air date. As a screenwriter, you need to submit scripts according to accepted standards. Start numbering from the 3 rd page (which comes after the title page and the first page of the screenplay), and also, mark it as page number two.

This is a somewhat interesting, albeit brief topic of discussion. Use the final draft template (or the equivalent in any other screenwriting software worth its salt) when formatting your cover page. The next step is to create your title page for your screenplay.

Page numbers are located at the top to the far right. Select everything on the page and align it to the center. (again, a professional screenwritng software program will take care of all these dimensions for you.) you can write “written by” or just “by” and this looks better in lowercase.

How to format your name on a screenplay title page. The first page is the title page, which should also be written in courier 12pt font. You do not need a page number on.

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Underlined with a continuous underline. Any description of the location, […] Just like the format of a script, there are very specific rules for binding and presenting your script.

A title page offers general information regarding the screenplay. Using exaggerated fonts, adding big titles, and various visuals to the cover. Your cover page should include the title of your script, your name, and your contact information.

The title should be centered horizontally on the page. Crafting a screenplay title page in arc studio pro. Formatting your screenplay correctly makes it easy to read and easier to sell.

The title announces the identifier of your screenplay — no different than your given name that people use to refer to you. Now type your screenplay title in all capitals and make it bold. At the same time, you have to be careful about the niceties of doing the pages properly.

Make a screenplay title page. As you start a new script, arc studio pro will automatically enter your name and ask you for the title of the script. Let’s start from the very beginning:

As per screenplay format rules, normally, right below your title, “written by” would be placed followed by your name. In our latest installment of screenwriting basics, we cover, well, the cover of your screenplay — the title page. The most common mistakes made on the cover page are;

Start with a blank page and use the action style to create five blank lines. However, if there are collaborations or adaptations, there will be more information needed. The title page is neither numbered nor does it count as page one, so the first page to have a number is the second page of the screenplay (third sheet of paper, including the title page), which is numbered 2.

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Screenplay format by matt carless Sample title pages can be found on the scripts in the library. Part of this comes from the fact that screenwriter used to add personal info on the page.

It may seem extremely unfair but the entire script can be rejected if the proper format is not followed. No graphics, no fancy pictures, only the title of your script, with “written by” and your name in the center of the page. It’s important because a great title is also a key.

Numbers should be followed by a period. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that your format your screenplay properly. It is the secret knock, that if not properly followed, will have your thrown out on your rear, to the side of the street where amateur screenwriters live.

This is a way of the screen out a number of scripts. Every page number should have a period at the end. Learn how to format a screenplay:

The two different types of script format, spec and shooting, have different purposes. Furthermore, don’t count the title page as the first page. You have now learned how to correctly format the title page of a script written by one screenwriter.

The script should have a title page with no content apart from the title and the screenwriter. The numbering starts from the first page of the script text, and not from the title page. A title page with one contact the address and number address only in the bottom can go here.

Do not number the scenes until you go to the preparatory stage of filming. Once you input that, your title page is already good to go. With your spec script, you’re trying to get it sold and into production, so that you get paid.

Of course, final draft has a title page function so you can easily create a title page. Do not specify any dates or type designations the first variant, if you send the script to professionals. Although this section looks very simple, it is important in terms of the impression that your screenplay has on the reader.

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If you’re the sole writer, you’ll use this format four lines below the title (please note that you can substitute “written by” with “screenplay by”): Formatting a screenplay properly is the very first step into the agent's or producer's door. If there are multiple writers on the team, use the ampersand sign and add their names.

The first page is not numbered. The following tips tell you how to set up your page in the proper screenwriting format. Create another two blank lines, type written by, then type another blank line and type your name.

Centered 4″ from the top. Generating a title page in arc studio pro is really simple.

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How to Format a Title Page for Your Screenplay


Title Page Examples and Formats Title page example

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