How to get a free second phone number and stop annoying calls

Stop giving your main cell phone number to anyone. It’s the best way to stay safe and stop nuisance calls coming in to your main number – all for free. I got a free second number years ago and I use it today. I use the free second number to give out at the grocery store, pharmacy, credit card companies, utility companies, retailers, or anyone I wouldn’t necessarily take out to dinner.

Some people on dating sites who have met online and think it’s time to share their phone number are given a second number so the other person isn’t as easily able to reverse-search a primary phone line .

My main number is precious, and I make sure it’s not interrupted by sales calls and tedious inquiries.

I don’t want my life to be interrupted unless it’s from someone I care about. It’s time to reclaim some of your privacy and uninterrupted life.


An incoming call appears on a smartphone.

An incoming call appears on a smartphone.

How do free phone numbers work?

If you want to get a free phone number, you must first choose an area code. All phone numbers, including toll-free ones, must have an area code to work. Once you’ve chosen your area code, whatever service you use will provide you with a list of available phone numbers that fall within that area code.

With your free number you can call the person calling the number at no additional cost. This allows people to reach you from long distances without incurring additional charges.

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Also, it ensures that people can reach you without you having to give them your personal phone number, giving you an extra layer of privacy.


How do I get a free phone number?

There are various services that offer free phone numbers to people who want them.

Google Voice

Graphic of the Google Voice logo.

Graphic of the Google Voice logo.
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Google Voice offers users free phone numbers and you can answer calls on all your devices at the same time. The number works on smartphones as well as on the web, so whether you are on your phone, tablet or computer you will receive an alert when someone calls you. Some other Google Voice features include:

• Voicemail transcription so you can read your voicemails instead of listening to them
• Forward calls to any device and block spam calls
• Free local calls to any number in the US at no additional cost
• International calls can be made at a per minute rate

How to Download Google Voice: iOS | Android


Textnow app emblem.

Textnow app emblem.
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TextNow is an iOS app that you can download from your iPhone App Store. The app gives you a free secondary phone number to use and it works just like a regular phone number. You simply select a city in the US or Canada and get a new number with a unique area code. App features include:

• Change the text and ringtones as you like
• Access to a voicemail inbox
• Call or text for free on your home Wi-Fi network
• You can buy a SIM card for 99 cents for unlimited calls and SMS for $0/month
• $8.99/month plans for 1 gigabyte of data

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How to download TextNow: iOS | Android


Dingtone brand name label.

Dingtone brand name label.
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Dingtone is an app only found on iOS devices that offers many features in addition to your free phone number with basic texting and calling features. Some of these features include:

• Make conference calls and send faxes at no additional cost
• Free or cheap international calls to over 200 countries
• Premium features such as call blocking, forwarding and recording

How to download Dington: iOS only

Text Free

Photo of the Textfree logo.

Photo of the Textfree logo.
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Textfree is an app available on both the iOS and Google Play app stores and can be used on smartphones, tablets or computers. It gives you a custom phone number that you can use to contact people even if they don’t have the app themselves. Some other unique features of the app are:

• Unlimited free SMS including picture and video sending
• Reliable Wi-Fi calling without a cellular service provider
• Customize your voicemail greeting

How to download TextNow: iOS | Android


Other ways to keep your information private

Aside from having another unique number you can use to control who is calling you, there are other ways to control your privacy. There are many ways to keep your personal information out of the hands of the wrong people. Here are some additional safety tips to keep in mind:

Use a VPN for private browsing

You can keep your browsing private and secure by making sure you install a VPN on your computer. VPNs also have other benefits, such as: B. increasing your connection speed and preventing internet service providers from tracking your online activity.

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Use an encrypted email provider

You can keep your emails private by using an encrypted email server. This prevents companies from selling your information to people who might bombard you with targeted ads, leaving you vulnerable to phishing scams or even identity theft.

Our top choice for private and secure email providers is StartMail. Their service gives you unlimited, anonymous aliases that can protect you from receiving hundreds of spam emails a day. They also allow you to send password-protected messages, meaning the recipient of your email must enter a password just to view your message. And best of all, StartMail has a clean and user-friendly interface that makes the whole experience pleasant and safe.
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