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How many MMORPGs, Black desert online features a mount system that allows players to travel to different locations. Horses are the primary means of transport that players can ride Black Desert’s sprawling open world. Horses not only provide a faster means of locomotion than simply running to targets, but also a strategic tool as horses can be of different colors and levels which can affect their speed.

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At the start of their adventure, players are rewarded with a donkey mount that is not only slow but now as awesome as riding a horse. Beginners and newbies should make sure that a horse is one of the first things they get when they enter the world of Black desert online. This helpful guide will describe in detail How to get a horse in Black Desert?


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The quickest and most efficient way to get a horse is to find a stable master in a town where players can buy a tier 1 horse for 15,000 silver. These horses only come in two basic colors: brown or gray, depending on which emblem players choose from the Stablemaster. These Tier 1 have a low base speed of 95%, but these horses can be trained to level up and increase their stats with some patience and Life Skill training.

Players can also purchase horses from the Horse Market, accessible from each Stablemaster. Here, players can see Tier 1 through Tier 9 horses that other players have listed, as well as other awesome mounts. The price of the horses is automatically based on their level, skill, animal and the other stats of the horses.


If players have a large amount of Silver to spend, they might consider renting another player’s horse. It’s quite an expensive method for a temporary mount, but if players have the money, why not?

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You must first go to a stable master NPC, click on the rental option and then click on “rent list”. From there, players can browse the many listed horses from Tier 1 to Tier 8 and filter by their budget. Rental mounts can last up to a week, and these horses can still gain EXP, but they are tied to the original owner’s gear and cannot be changed.


Players have the ability to tame wild horses once they reach level 20, with the potential to get a horse with base speeds between 104% and 109%, and up to tier 5 horses can be caught in the wild. However, the process of horse taming is not as easy as it sounds.

  1. First, players need to buy lots of lassos from the stable keeper NPC. Players can craft raw sugar chunks from raw sugar and mineral water to feed the horse.
  2. You then have to traverse wild fields in search of wild horses, which in itself is a rare encounter.
  3. Lasso a horse to start the taming process with a 50% chance. Once the rope hits the horse, it should stand on its hind legs and trigger the mini-game.
  4. Players must quickly press the spacebar to fill the meter and ensure it is on the “WIN” side of the bar. By winning these mini-games, the player can gradually get closer to the horse until it stands on its hind legs. Once this happens, the player will engage in another meter minigame.
  5. Once near the horse, players should use the raw sugar cubes they crafted to feed the horse to increase the chance of success.
  6. Now they can mount the horse. If the horse pushes them off, they have to start the process over again. If they are successful, they must ride the horse to a stable master to register it.

Completing these mini-games does not guarantee the player will successfully tame the horse, hence the extra lassos and fodder in case the first attempts fail.


If players want to get a mount the old-fashioned way, they can try the mount breeding system black desert, which has one of the more complex mechanics in the game. All they need is to own a male horse and a female horse, as long as both have enough breeding points.

The breeding process can take up to three hours. Then they get a new horse. It starts with a single skill whose gender is randomly selected. This can be a good money-making method. However, players should keep in mind that each female horse, a mare, can only give birth to a limited number of horses.

Black desert online can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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