How To Get Acid Gland

The Acid Gland is helpful for crafting some useful items in Grounded. Here players can get their hands on it.

The first thing many players will notice when falling into it Grounded There really are that many crafting recipes out there. As players explore the vast backyard in front of them, they will begin to uncover a variety of resources. Some of these resources are much more valuable than others, and some can be difficult to find if players don’t know exactly where to look. A good example is the Acid Gland, a seemingly inconspicuous item that is used in only a few recipes overall.

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The Acid Gland can give players the ability to craft and use the Cookery, and is also a key component of the Larvae Blade, a fairly useful weapon in the earliest parts of the game. The guide below will show players all the locations where they can find an acid gland Grounded and exactly what it is used for.

Where to find acid glands in Grounded

The Acid Gland is a resource that only drops from certain (usually aggressive) enemies. Players looking to get their hands on as many acid glands as possible should target the following list of enemies.

Acid Glands can drop from:

  • Red soldier ants
  • larva
  • ladybug larva
  • infected larva
  • termite

Red Soldier Ants and Termites can be particularly distressing for players in the beginning, so players should avoid them until they have the right weapons and armor. Ladybug Larva and Infected Larva are upgraded variants of the already dangerous enemies, so players should also try to avoid them if they can. This leaves Larva the “easiest” of the list to tackle early on. Despite this, Larvae are still quite dangerous for players just starting out, despite having a significantly lower health pool compared to the other creatures on this list. Players should try to put together an armor and maybe even a bow to protect themselves from the aggressive creatures.

What are acid glands used for?

Acid Glands are only used in a few recipes, but one of them can be quite prominent for players who enjoy the cooking aspect of Grounded. The Acid Gland can be assembled with other materials to craft the Cookery, a special useful building item that helps players create recipes that can provide additional buffs and health regeneration. It’s also a key component of the Larva Blade, a fast-moving dagger-like weapon that can be pretty solid in the early game. Those looking to craft Bounce Webs (which can help reach higher areas and jump over obstacles) will also want to get their hands on Acid Glands as they are used to craft Bug Rubber (which is used to craft the Bounce Web itself is needed). Here’s a look at each item that can be crafted with the resource.

cooking recipe
  • 1x acid gland
  • 1 x Boiling Gland
  • 2 x tone
  • 9 x Weed Stalks
Recipe for the Larvae Blade
  • 3 x caterpillar skin
  • 2 x Larvae Tip
  • 1x acid gland
Recipe for Red Ant Armguards
  • 5 x Red Ant part
  • 2x acid gland
  • 2 x Mite Fluff

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