How to get and share your Twitch Recap 2022


Witch Recaps are back to provide a rundown of the biggest trends on Amazon’s own live streaming service.

The yearly list offers both general and individual insights into the top categories, emotes and the insane number of hours spent on the platform, where users primarily congregate to watch others play video games.

What is Twitch Recap?

It’s year-end listing season, and this is Twitch’s way of getting in the action by bringing you a digestible summary of your activity on the platform.

There are three types of summaries available: community, streamer, and creator. While Community can be viewed by anyone, between January and November 2022 you must have watched at least 10 hours of Twitch streams to access your own summary, and you must have streamed at least 10 hours to access streamer insights.

When is the Twitch Recap 2022 release date?

Twitch’s Recap 2022 is available now through mid-January 2023 on the website. It’s divided into two tabs that cover community and individual viewer data, including hours viewed, categories viewed, popular emotes, and other social interactions.

How to get your 2022 Twitch Recap

Just go to the link above, log in if necessary and click on the Viewer tab at the top of the page.

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Now you can see your overall insights, including the number of hours and days you’ve spent watching Twitch, along with chat messages you’ve sent and channel points you’ve earned for supporting creators.

Keep scrolling down to see more detailed stats for each of your favorite streamers. These are the YouTubers you watched the most over the year. For each streamer you will also see how many messages have been sent, emotes sent, bits cheered on, points earned and months subscribed.

Below that, you’ll see your favorite categories as tiles, including the games you’ve watched the most.

How are you sharing your recap of Twitch 2022?

If you’re not too embarrassed by your results, you might want to share them online and with your friends.

Just go to the bottom of the recap page in the viewer section to find a shareable version of your Twitch recap. Click the Download to Share button to get the map as an image. Now you can show others the number of hours you’ve watched, your favorite streamers and top categories.

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What were the biggest 2022 Twitch Recap community trends?

This year, people watched a whopping 21 billion hours of streams on Twitch across 223,000 categories.

Of course, social interactions are a big part of the live streaming site, with users sending a total of 49 billion chat messages. The top five emotes included HeyGuys (1.4 billion+ uses), LUL (1.04 billion), CorgiDerp (529 million), Kappa (388 million), and PogChamp (278 million).

Creators continued to pump out content, streaming over a million unique tags (which are identifiers used to describe a stream) for 789 million hours. According to Twitch, 11 million new streamers took part in the campaign this year.

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This year’s biggest tags were notably “VTuber” and “LGBTQIAplus,” alongside more typical gaming jargon like “multiplayer” and “PVP” (or player versus player).

For those who don’t spend much time on Twitch, VTubers are creators who stream with a virtual avatar instead of showing themselves. Some of the biggest VTubers appear as anime characters. The phenomenon isn’t unique to Twitch, with virtual nodules bouncing on YouTube and other platforms as well.

The LGBTQIAplus tag, on the other hand, can be used by creators to display a safe and welcoming place for viewers, free from abuse and toxic behavior, regardless of their sexual or gender identity.

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