How to Get and Use Shimmer Liquid

Shimmer is a liquid that has been added terrariums with the release of update 1.4.4, and it can be used in many ways. Indeed, Shimmer has the ability to transform objects and enemies, break down crafted items into their component parts, and more, and some players will no doubt be interested in getting their hands on this particular liquid. This guide aims to assist you in this endeavor and provides details on how to integrate Shimmer terrariums and how to use it.

Terraria: How to get Shimmer

There are two ways players can gain access to Shimmer, and the first is by visiting it terrariums‘s ether biome. This biome can be found at any time in a world created after the release of update 1.4.4 and it is always in the cavern layer on the side of the world with the jungle. More specifically, the Aether biome tends to show up under the ocean on the above page, and its unique starry background makes it pretty easy to identify.


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The other option is to combine a Bottomless Water Bucket with 10 Luminite Bars at an Ancient Manipulator to create a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket. To clarify, a Bottomless Water Bucket is earned by completing fishing quests for the Angler in Hardmode, and Luminite Bars are smelted from the Luminite that can be obtained terrariums‘s Moon Lord. While creating a Bottomless Shimmer bucket is certainly more difficult than finding the Aether biome, having a portable supply of Shimmer is quite useful.

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Terraria: How to use Shimmer

As mentioned, Shimmer has numerous uses, the first of which is turning items into other items, turning enemies into other enemies, turning creatures into Faelings, and giving NPCs different skins. To perform these actions, players must soak the item or entity in Shimmer, and it will rise from the liquid when the transformation is complete. For a full list of possible Shimmer transformations, fans can visit the Official terrariums Wiki, and it is important to note that some articles can only be obtained through this process.

Players can also soak crafted items in Shimmer to turn them back into their component parts. That means fans can reforge their weapons terrariums without spending coins, and this ability can be very useful.

Finally, players can use Shimmer to phase through blocks, as a character submerged in the liquid will be catapulted downward until they land in an open space. Specifically, fans can prevent this by equipping a chromatic cloak, which can be obtained by soaking a starry cloak in shimmer. Aetherium Blocks can also be made by contacting Shimmer with another liquid, e.g terrariumsis lava.

terrariums is available on Mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Stadia and Xbox One.

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