How To Get AP Fast

The DioField Chronicle is a tactical role-playing game with plenty of room for experimentation. The game borrows elements from other titles in the genre, such as fire sign and XCOM. As a result, there’s a ton of depth and options, character upgrades, and skills for players to learn as they progress through the story.

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Skill Points or AP in The DioField Chronicle is the method for players to improve a unit’s stats in combat. They increase passive abilities like improved speed and strength, HP bonuses and more on the battlefield. Unlike Skill Points in The DioField Chronicle, One can earn Skill points from grinding to some degree in-game.


Earning AP in the DioField Chronicle

Earn AP in The DioField Chronicle works the same way as leveling up specific characters in other RPGs and tactical RPGs. When a character or unit levels up, they gain skill points. The fastest way to level up The DioField Chronicle is to complete missions.

After each mission, the group gains experience to upgrade the units. When all optional tasks in the mission are completed, they get skill points and ability points. However, following the story of the campaign is not enough if you want to maximize your character’s abilities. The players have to repeat missions to earn more AP and SP.

How to replay missions in DioField Chronicle

After completing the fourth mission in The chains that bind Quest in Chapter One that the protagonist gains access to the exercise table in the institute room with the researchers. The Training Table allows players to replay past missions and level up new characters or strengthen their current units by accumulating skill points.

Unlock skills in the DioField diofieldChronicle

The DioField Chronicle It’s not clear when and how to unlock skills by spending AP as is not in the skill tree menu, but they are specific to each class/unit. Follow these steps to access and unlock skills The DioField Chronicle:

  • Complete the fourth Chains that Bind mission in Chapter One.
  • The mercenary unit must reach Rank 2 to Unlock ability use.
  • rank 3 will unlock new learnable skills.
  • Press the triangle button on PlayStation – or Y on Xbox and X on the Switch to access the in-game menu.

  • select equipment.
  • Click on the desired character to access their equipment.
  • Select the bottom slot to access the AP menu.
  • Players can now spend their AP to get new passive effects in battle.

  • Skill Points can be reset to 5,000 guilders (in-game currency) from this menu by pressing the Square button on PlayStation – X on Xbox or Y for Switch.

The DioField Chronicle is now available for PC, PS4, PS5 Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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