How To Get Big Legs Without Squats – Build Unstoppable Power

Is it possible to improve your lower body athleticism and strength without performing even the simplest movement? Yes it is. Find out below how to get big legs without squats.

For some reason some people prefer to stay away from squats when it comes to leg training. This can be due to back, mobility, neck, or even shoulder or elbow issues holding the barbell before the squat. How do you get big legs without squats? John Meadows explained how.

John Meadows, “The Mountain Dog,” was a professional bodybuilder, trainer, and nutritionist who died in 2021 at the age of 49. Outlets such as People magazine and British online publication The Independent wrote articles about the death of the Washington native Court House, Ohio. The “Go Fund Me” campaign created by Cavaliere raised more than $260,000 in just four days a.

Check out how to get big legs without squats by following Meadows’ workout advice.

How to get big legs without squats

First you need to warm up your quads on the leg extension. If you warm up your quads, the following exercises will feel a lot better. Meadows did a different kind of warm-up, where you start with one weight and do 6 reps, increasing the load each time you can do 6 reps until you can’t do 6 reps.

And the first exercise you’re going to do is exactly the same, leg extension, with the weight you gave up when you warmed up. Only do one set until you can do 25 reps. You can rest, pause, and shake your legs all you want, but do 25 reps and they don’t have to be unbroken.

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Then you start the exercise, which takes over the movement of the squat. Meadows uses a machine to help him do the Arsenal pendulum squat, but if you don’t have that you can do a V-squat, leg press, or hack squat. Any machine that allows you to squat while supporting your back. As with the previous exercise, choose a weight that allows you to do 10-12 reps and shoot for a total of 25 reps. Take a break if necessary, but do not get off the machine while resting.

How to get big legs without squats?Source: Scott Webb / Pexels

The third exercise on the list for getting big legs without squats is the lunge. Do 3 sets of lunges for about 25 meters.

Finally, you should do 2 sets of 10 reps of leg curls to strengthen your hamstrings. The final set of leg curls is 10 regular reps, 10 partial reps, and then an iso-hold for 20 seconds to burn whatever’s in the tank.

And these are the exercises you should do if you want to understand how to get big legs without squats. Any questions? Click on the video below by John Meadows.

VIDEO – How to get big legs without squats

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