How to get Bouillabaisse recipe In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dinner With A Friend is a friendship quest given to you by Goofy and you can unlock the Bouillabaisse recipe after completing it.

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The beautiful world of Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with many different items You can purchase in a variety of ways. Some of these are unlocked as you open new areas, while the others are given as rewards for doing so Progress in friendship levels for dozens of characters in the game.

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During the Mickey Mouse quest at the beginning of the game you already get a free hearth where you can make a lot of recipes to your heart’s content. Bouillabaisse is one such recipe Unlocked after completing the quest Dinner With A Friend. If you are a completer you will want to get this.


How to unlock the Dinner With A Friend quest.

While the quest itself is pretty easy, you have to follow the process before you can Get this quest from Goofy can get quite long. First you need to unlock Goofy enter his house in Peaceful Meadows and clearing some nightthorns for him.

Once you’ve unlocked the character, it’s his The first quest gives you the royal fishing pole and teaches you how to fish. Meanwhile, you can also give him various gifts, increasing your friendship level. You need to Reach friendship level six with Goofy to receive the Dinner With A Friend quest.

At the beginning you can talk to Goofy every day and give him the three featured gifts to get extra EXP on his friendship. Once you’re level two, you can Assign him a special taskand the Hangout option will also be unlocked.

You can then hang out with Goofy and complete his special quest for extra experience. Gardening is one of the most beautiful tasks make friends quickly.

How to complete dinner with a friend quest

Once you reach the required friendship level, find Goofy and he will have that pink quest icon on his head. After talking to him, start the quest in which he will ask you for help prepare a special dish for his dinner with Mickey Mouse.

If you haven’t completed all of the previous quests with Goofy, it is gives you the option to select the quest you want to continue in. Make sure you select the Dinner With A Friend quest option.

After talking to him you will need one a few things to help him make bouillabaisse. You will already unlock the recipe at this point. In order to get the required items, you will need access to Dazzle Beach, which may be there unlocked with 1,000 Dreamlight after you fix the orb of friendship.

Here’s everything you need for Goofy and how to acquire them:

  • shrimp – You need to get two shrimp for Goofy, and that can be them only acquired by fishing in Dazzle Beach. The problem is that you have to look out for blue puddles in the water along the beach because you’re almost guaranteed to get shrimp there.
  • Clams and scallops – You also need two of each. While these are not necessary for the bouillabaisse recipe itself, Goofy will ask you to get her anyway. These are also lying around in Dazzle Beach.
  • tomato – You can talk to Goofy after getting the above items and he will ask you to get them two tomatoes and two vegetables of any kind. You can easily buy and harvest four tomato seeds from Goofy’s booth in Dazzle Beach. You will need to water the crop for tomatoes twice.

After getting all the items you can go to any furnace in the valley and Choose bouillabaisse from the recipe section at the top left of your screen. Just select Autofill, cook the dish twice and give it to Goofy to complete the quest.

Bouillabaisse can give you 2,204 Energy if you eat it and 687 Star Coins if you sell it. This makes it one of the top five-star energy recovery meals.

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