How To Get David’s Jacket

As part of Cyberpunk 2077′s new Edgerunners update, players exploring the streets of Night City can now claim the iconic jacket from Cyberpunk Edgerunner Series protagonist David Martinez as an in-game item. With the release of the Edgerunners anime to critical acclaim, Cyberpunk 2077 CD Projekt Red developers also took the opportunity to present the brand new update 1.6 Edgerunners. The 1.6 update brings a bunch of new features like cross-progression and transmog, and also adds some new items that used to belong to characters in the anime and linked Cyberpunk Edgerunner With Cyberpunk 2077. As Mercenary V, players can collect these items, including David’s jacket, and use them on their journey to becoming a Night City legend.


Players cannot claim David’s jacket until they enter Act 2, with V narrowly escaping a falling out with the Arasaka Corporation while a big job goes wrong. Prior to Act 2, players can only explore the Watson area of ​​Night City due to a police lockdown, preventing them from contacting the correct NPCs to begin searching David’s belongings. However, once V gets back on his feet in Act 2, they can begin searching for the new items introduced to the game in the Edgerunners update.

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Edgerunners has been so well received Cyberpunk 2077 Player counts have reached new heights and players are feeling that now is the best time to play Cyberpunk 2077. Luckily, players roaming the streets of Night City in search of anime references and Easter eggs can claim David’s jacket by completing a short quest.

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How to claim David Martinez’s jacket in Cyberpunk 2077

To get David’s jacket, players should go to Megabuilding H4, located in Arroyo in Santo Domingo by Night City District. The location is marked with a part-time job icon. The easiest way to get there is to travel to the Megabuilding H4 fast travel terminal, but players who haven’t unlocked the terminal should head to the location on the map above. In a small alleyway to the right of Megabuilding H4’s entrance, players can spot a neon green icon denoting a trash can containing a brain teaser. Oddly enough, Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Silverhand won’t comment on V digging through the trash and doing a random, suspicious-looking braindance.

A short clip of the anime will play, followed by a warning not to end up like David. When V exits the Braindance, players should open their phone and text Muammar “El Capitan” Reyeslocal fixer of santo domingo, picking the About David Martinez opportunity to talk. Reyes will give V some context on who David is and say he will dig deeper to see if he can arrange to meet David. Players have to wait a day to get an answer; Using the game’s time skip feature to jump forward 24 hours is the quickest way to do this, but players can also do some side jobs, help out Night City’s sentient vending machine, or accept extra gigs for cash.

After 24 hours, someone named Falco V texts to ask why they are looking for David. Players should continue the conversation and Falco will reveal that David’s entire crew has gone underground, stopping V from continuing to search. However, in return for V’s persistence, Falco has left something with Muamar for V to collect. Players can find him at the location marked above where they can pick up David’s jacket. A top-tier garment of legendary quality, David’s jacket offers solid protection for even Night City mercenaries that have reached the top of their game Cyberpunk 2077.

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