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For a free-to-play game, Hearthstone manages not to feel quite as nefarious as its competitors (and even Activision-based siblings). Free packs, gold, legendary cards, and more make it much easier to get started in modern Hearthstone than it was in the early days of the game.

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But getting the cards you want still requires some RNG. This is because Hearthstone uses card packs in traditional CCG/TCG fashion. To get around this, players have the ability to craft pretty much any card they want – it just requires interacting with an intuitive system and understanding the nature of Dust.

What is crafting?

Crafting in Hearthstone allows players to create something nearly every card in the game. Unlike packs that require gold, Crafting requires a mysterious substance called dust. Cards in Hearthstone are ranked by rarity and rarity harder to obtain cards cost more Dust.

rarity dust cost
Spread 40
Rarely 100
epos 400
Legendary 1600

When you have the dust to craft a map, then you can bypass RNG entirely by crafting it. Not only that, but if you want to show off, You can craft gold versions of most cards. These have no mechanical use, but look good. The cost of these cards is much higher, However, you can upgrade a non-Gold card to a Gold card for a small discount.

rarity dust cost upgrade costs
Spread 400 360
Rarely 800 700
epos 1600 1200
Legendary 3200 1600

How to get dust

Now getting Dust is easier said than done. This is because Dust is primarily gained by disenchanting cards you already own. As with crafting, disenchanting will reward you with more dust based on the rarity of the card you dust down.

rarity dust gained
Spread 5
Rarely 20
epos 100
Legendary 400

As you can see, the discrepancy between the dust gained from disenchanting and the card cost is large pretty awesome.

Effective ways to get more dust

Thank God, There are other ways to get dust. Be warned that not all methods will be as effective or as quick as others.

gold cards

Gold cards are hard to come by but you will encounter them from time to time when opening packs. These cards look very snazzy, and more importantly, are much more valuable than their non-gold counterparts. In fact, a Golden of any Legendary can be broken down into enough dust to create it any non-gold card of the same rarity.

rarity dust gained
Spread 50
Rarely 100
epos 400
Legendary 1600

While gold cards are very pretty to look at, It’s worth thinking about disenchanting golden cards that you’re not actively using/don’t want to use since they provide enough dust for a 1:1 trade.

balance updates

If you want even more dust, Then consider holding cards until a balance update. When a card is changed for balance reasons, the disenchant cost skyrockets. As a matter of fact, it goes so high that it becomes a full refund on said card. This is a huge win since a standard disenchant usually only grants a tiny fraction of the card’s actual value. This is a much slower way of gaining Dust as it relies on very specific cards being tweaked, but the returns – especially on gold cards – are worth it.


Dust can also be gained through the arena. When competing in the arena, players are rewarded based on their performanceand one of the more common rewards is a bunch of dust. These aren’t usually too high unless you’ve been doing very well during your run, but if you’re an avid Arena player you’ll build up quite a stash over time.

mass disappointment

Finally, You have mass disenchantment. This system is more of a quality of life option than anything else. Basically, Mass Disenchant automatically disenchants any card you have more than two of (or one for Legendaries). This allows you to get rid of unwanted duplicates very quickly after opening a few packs. You can find this system in the crafting menu.

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