How To Get Every Achievement In Return To Monkey Island

From mops to maps, Monkey Island has a wide range of achievements to acquire.

Can you really say you’ve completed a game if you haven’t chased all of its achievements? They’re a great way to extend a game’s playtime and give you some things you might not think of during a normal game.

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Return to Monkey Island has a lot of fun achievements to complete, and some of them can be quite difficult to figure out. Some of them are even hidden rewards for finding the best hidden secrets the game has to offer! Below is a guide to each individual achievement.

story achievements

There are five in-game achievements that are awarded simply for progressing through the game:

perfomance How to open
part One Awarded upon completion of the Prelude.
Second part Awarded upon completion of Part One.
Part three Awarded upon completion of Part Two.
part four Awarded upon completion of Part Three.
fifth part Awarded upon completion of Part Four.

foreplay successes

There are two achievements to collect during the audition.

perfomance How to open
Happy duck After collecting the four-leaf clover from the field, give it to the duck in the pond.
wooden leg After unlocking the outhouse door with the key, return the wooden leg to the Scurvydog Shack.

Part One Achievements

There are six achievements in this part.

perfomance How to open
bragging You have to tell 15 people that you are looking for the secret of Monkey Island. You must select this dialog option when it appears with the following characters:

  • The navigator
  • The three pirates in the scumm bar
  • Cobb in the scumm bar as soon as he emerges
  • The new pirate leaders
  • The Old Pirate Chiefs (You must enable Writer’s Cut in the settings menu for them to appear in Part One, otherwise they can be encountered in Part Four)
  • The scumm bar chef
  • Wally
  • The Voodoo Lady
  • carla
  • LockSmith
  • Otis
  • Stan
  • Conrad Lee
cartography nerd Examine everything in Wally’s shop. There are 18 cards to examine in total.
fan service After talking to the Voodoo Lady, Cobb will appear in the scumm bar. Talk to him to get him to tell you about Loom. Eventually he will give you the game and you will get this achievement.
Hey wait! Use Wally’s monocle on the door of Otis’ prison cell. Give the serial number you obtained to Locke Smith to get a key, then use the key to unlock the cell door.
mop raid Once you’ve distracted the chef in the scumm bar by giving him the recipe book from the governor’s mansion, grab his mop and try to walk with it.
mop Before you combine the mop handle with the mop head of your choice, save your game. You need to craft the mop using all four different mop heads, and reloading after each other mop head combination is the quickest way to do this. The four possible mop heads are:

  • The line from the scumm bar’s kitchen dock.
  • The skull from the Voodoo Lady’s shop.
  • The stuffed animal from the governor’s mansion.
  • The sponge from Stan’s shipyard.

Part Two Achievements

There are four achievements to earn here.

perfomance How to open
dead dead dead Guybrush really has to die for this. To do this, let the timer expire when you go underwater on the back of the LeShip and examine the rudder. The game gives you multiple chances, so you’ll have to run the timer multiple times before Guybrush really dies and you get the achievement.
hothead Once Putra has successfully crafted the Scorched Alaska (and made it extremely hot on hard mode), try to get Guybrush to eat it multiple times. On the fourth try, he bites.
Neat freak If your task is to report clutter on the ship, you have to find all 8 possible clutters. To do this, save your game before you find one, find five of them, and reload the game to find the other three.

  1. Give some chicken feed to the ghost chicken to the right of the hold, then exit the screen. Return and there will be a chicken splatter underneath – this is a reportable mess.
  2. Gullet stuck in the back of the ship and in the rudder also counts as one.
  3. The spilled potion on the deck.
  4. The entire galley.
  5. Any grease stains in the cargo area.
  6. The greasy porthole in the hold.
  7. The rat in front of LeChuck’s cabin.
  8. The empty boxes on the deck.
Super Schwabbe Use the mop to wipe the grease on the floor 20 times.

Third part achievements

Only two achievements reside on Monkey Island itself.

perfomance How to open
Not bitter On the beach you arrive at, examine the tree on the left that has “L+E” carved on it. Kick it five times.
tight ship After you’re tasked with repairing the Sea Monkey, head back to the Giant Monkey Head and pick up all of the skulls. Once you’ve actually repaired the ship, you’ll see the achievement.

Part Four Achievements

A whopping 11 achievements are achieved in Part Four.

perfomance How to open
Ahoy Go to the drifting ship on the sea chart and talk to the pirates there. Use the Ahoy dialogue option repeatedly until you get the achievement.
bookworm Examine all copies of “End of the Plank” in the game. It’s a purple-covered book.

  • Right in Locke Smith’s shop.
  • In the governor’s mansion on the bookshelf.
  • Inside the ice castle on the island of Brrr Muda.
  • At the fish shop as soon as it opens.
  • Inside Herman Toothrot’s cave on Terror Island.
Cogg Island This can only be achieved after beating the game once. Once that’s done, the location of Cogg Island is revealed through a trivia question-answer – it’s a random coordinate. Go there by using the nautical map.
deep sea diver Once you’re able to dive to the seabed (either automatically on casual mode or after getting the puffer fish on hard mode), explore the sea repeatedly. Eventually you will come across all seven different seabed variations and this achievement will pop.
Dental Samaritan Get Stan’s toothbrush at the shipyard on Mêlée Island and bring it to him in the icefall.
Flag facsimile During the portion of this part where you need to get three of Bella Fisher’s flags, you’ll get one of them from the drifting ship. You also get a replica of the flag from the Museum of Pirate Lore. Once you’ve picked the flag off the drifting ship, replace it with the replica.
On the run Each time you enter the fish shop on Mêlée Island, the lumpfish on the floor will move closer to the door. Exit the fish shop and return until he can escape.
patient citizen Wait in line at the governor’s mansion and do nothing else. It takes about three minutes for the achievement to appear.
Promise Keeper In the previous part, you acquired a book of poetry from Gullet – give it to Conrad in the Pirate Museum on Mêlée Island.
relief pitcher Try giving Carla your wallet after talking to her about earthquake relief.
trophy fisherman Tell the longest and most vivid story during the Chum quest. Check out our walkthrough for the right options to choose from here.

Part five achievements

perfomance How to open
Free Wally Back in Part Two or Part Four, you’ll need to examine the shackles on the front of LeChuck’s ship with your magnifying monocle – you’ll get the serial number. Give this to Locke Smith in part 4 to have a key made and in this part use the key to free Wally when you encounter him.
I do not think so At the end of the game, if you have Stan’s key, go back into the alley and unlock the door. Go through it and climb back onto the monkey head.
speed runner Just complete the game within two hours. Once you know the solutions to each puzzle, this should be pretty easy. Skip all dialogue, let Guybrush swipe everywhere, and turn off Writer’s Cut in the settings menu.

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