How To Get Gilbert’s True Ending In Piofiore Episodio 1926

Piofiore: Episode 1926 has up to six different romantic routes choose from. Everyone has multiple endings. Some endings can lead to your death while others lead to a happy ending. However, choosing the right dialogue options is actually harder than it seems. Gilbert is the second main route with the best ending in the game, and its story packs a punch three different endings.

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This is a quick guide to show you what options to choose to get Gilbert’s True Ending. The bad ending in the previous game, Piofiore: Fated Memories, was brutal enough, so you should give your heroine the best possible life – even though she is connected to the mafia.

To find the correct path when playing back a route, make sure you select chapter jump menu in the start menu.

Dialog choices you made in the past are shown as purple text. White text means you have not yet selected that dialog option.

Beware of spoilers for the full story!


Table of Contents

Chapter One – A Bad Apple

choice one

  • I’m sorry I kept it a secret.

Gilbert knows something is going on between the heroine and Oliver and suggests that she admit it. There’s no reason to lie to Gilbert here. He’s teasing you here either way, but a healthy relationship means no secrets to keep!

choice two

The heroine meets Eugene on the street. Eugene tries to hit on her. You’re obviously taken. Gilbert wouldn’t appreciate it if you hesitated to say no to another man trying to date you. Not to mention the relationship Gilbert already has with Eugene. Ignore Eugene’s advances.

choice three

Gilbert returns to the heroine, who notices something unusual. It’s always best to ask your loved ones if they’re okay if you notice anything. Regardless, some people will need their space. No matter what you choose, Gilbert will put a face on for you. The important thing is that you asked.

choice four

  • I look forward to it.

Gilbert promises a nice dinner with the heroine. Telling him not to try too hard is kind of insulting. While it may be a weakness of his, now is not the time to say it to his face. Declaring that you’re excited about the plans will put a smile on his face.

Chapter Two – When it rains, it pours

choice one

After a long night, the heroine sees a light at the back of the church. No matter what you choose here, the immediate result is the same. You end up waking up at night to noise in the back of the church to find Sister Sofia injured with Orlok. The only difference is that You searched for Sister Sofia before what is good.

choice two

Gilbert visits the heroine in the church after Sister Sofia’s attack. Not pulling Gilbert into a warm hug when he visits you during difficult times isn’t the worst thing. He doesn’t take it personally that you ask why he’s there, but the loving and high-affinity answer is to just be grateful.

choice three

The heroine bumps into Eugene again, and he tries to turn her on again. Again, you’re going to want to ignore Eugene. At this point you know that he is Gilbert’s dead father. Even if he wasn’t, it’s best to ignore a strange guy who won’t stop hitting on you. Go forward, You will want to move far away from this man.

choice four – IMPORTANT

The bodyguards protecting the heroine and Elena die instantly. If you try to run away from here, you’ll die instantly also and the game ends. You are the target of this attack, so running will only cause the assassins to hunt and kill you. By staying in place and protecting Elena, Orlok will come out and save you both.

choice five

Gilbert suggests that the heroine live with him for a while instead of at the church since the killers are after her. There’s no reason to second-guess living with your significant other during strange times. He will be delighted your enthusiasm to go with him.

Chapter three – In hot water

choice one

Gilbert tells the heroine about his relationship with his father Eugene. Video games or not, you know not to mess with family relationships. Whatever a person feels about their family member are their valid feelings, you can’t come between them. Gilbert made his decision a long time ago and there’s no point in assuming it can be fixed. believe him.

choice two

Yuan interrupts a conversation with The Visconti and The Lao-Shu twins. If you don’t speak, Gilbert will announce that you are no longer the key girl. When you speak, declare it yourself. There is no harm speak for themselves and let Yuan know that you are not a naive girl.

choice three

  • (stayed next to the guard)

A local tries to talk to one of the heroine’s bodyguards about personal matters. The bodyguard asks if it’s okay to hear the woman. Whether you try to return to the mansion or not, someone will steal you and Luca will chase after them in a dangerous chase. sure, the safest option would be to stay with the guard anyway.

Chapter Four – Turning Point

choice one

  • i’m just worried about you

Oliver reveals that the cops are on to the Visconti and Gilbert will soon face justice. Explaining that you care about him will warm his heart more if you talk about how you take care of him.

choice two

  • you always worry me

After a long day, Gilbert talks to the heroine at her bedroom door and asks if she’s worried about him. Once again, Talking about your true feelings will flatter Gilbert. You don’t bullshit him, you explain to him that you want him to be safe because you love him.

choice three

  • …do you take things seriously?

Dante and Gilbert discuss the recent police raids and arrests of mob members. No matter what you say here, the guys will discuss the possibility and move on to the next plans. The difference is that if you ask if the police are provoking, they will say “probably”. If you ask if the police mean business they will elaborate on this in the confirmation.

You’ll know you’re on the wrong track when Chapter five is titled Lose Your Touch. This is the bad ending.

Chapter Five – Every cloud has a silver lining – TRUE

choice one

Gilbert informs the heroine of his plans to secure a place in Chicago. Both are naturally emotional and sweet. A kiss is expected and doesn’t say much in this situation. He smiles and moves on. If you hold his hand instead, he asks surprised and the interaction is more sensual and meaningful.

choice two – IMPORTANT

Eugene calls for the heroine and asks her to meet him somewhere to help Gilbert. If you agree to Eugene’s plans, you will end up dying and the game is over. Eugene wants to use you as bait and have you killed. The answer is no.

choice three

Gilbert enters the heroine’s room and discusses the events of the meeting and fight between Yuan and the other mafia members. These options are not strong. you just I don’t want to accuse Gilbert of being upset, because of course he isn’t. He is in love!

Chapter Six – Making Waves – TRUE

At the end of your True Path, Yuan spares the Burlone Mafia, Eugene is freed and the pair make their way to Chicago. It’s the perfect ending. Gilbert is done with Burlone but will keep a few men in town for Luca and Dante. Gilbert gets Eugene’s drugs from Yuan and plans to enter Chicago with a sad gift to the local mafia.

As you may have seen, you will die early in the game if you run with Elena or meet up with Eugene. Another bad ending can be achieved during an alley shootout between Dante, Gilbert, and Yuan. Yuan’s men will hit the heroine so hard that she will eventually forget her memory. She doesn’t remember anything about joining the mafia, only her life before. Regardless of her memory loss, Gilbert eventually visits her in the hospital with flowers every day. The bad ending of Chapter Six is ​​titled From the woods.

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