How to get Mechabre, the new Festival of the Lost sniper rifle in Destiny 2

It wouldn’t be a celebration of the Festival of the Lost in destiny 2 without hunting any new event loot, and this new loot this time comes in the form of the legendary arc sniper rifle Mechabre. An iconic design and color scheme that is undeniably inspired Mobile Suit Gundamit is a perfect complement to the three mech armor sets available in the store.

Mechabre is an Aggressive Frame Sniper Rifle with an unusually low zoom to match its more nimble Adaptive Frame counterparts, and also comes equipped with a new Origin Trait: Search Party. Search Party alone serves as an intrinsic alternative to Snapshot Sights, but Mechabre still features classic perk options like Opening Shot, Moving Target, and intriguing newcomers like Perpetual Motion to allow for great potential builds.

The weapon will only be available for the duration of the Festival of the Lost, which ends on November 8th. That means players want to make sure they grind for all the casts they want from Mechabre before the time window closes and they’ll have to wait another year to try again.

Mechabre sniper rifle in destiny 2′s Festival of the Lost quest location

gone but not forgotten

Screenshot via Bungie

The first way most players will get their first drop of Mechabre is through the Gone But Not Forgotten quest. Players can acquire this quest by speaking to Eva Levante in the Tower Courtyard, and they must begin participating in the event’s many celebrations. The quest acts as a tutorial for the Festival of the Lost, in which players don a festival mask, acquire spectral sides, and then manifest them by killing Headless Ones in a Haunted Sector activity.

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Once you’ve completed the tutorial, talk to Eva Levante again to complete the quest and she will give you a free roll of the Mechabre Legendary Sniper Rifle.

Ghostly Sectors

Image via Bungie

To grind more Drops of Mechabre, players should do the Festival of the Lost’s Haunted Sectors activity. The node can be entered from the tower and features three fireteams that summon and kill boss enemies known as the Headless.

At the end of the activity, after killing the final boss, a chest will appear, often awarding players with one of the four Festival of the Lost weapons currently available: BrayTech Werewolf, Jurassic Green, Horror Story, and Mechabre. The lack of a polished path to exclusively acquiring the new sniper rifle can be frustrating, but Haunted Sectors will make up the bulk of your gameplay over the course of the event. With each run only lasting around 10 minutes or less, it won’t be long before your vault is filled with mechabre reels for you to peruse.

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