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slime breeder 2 is full of weird and wondrous creatures, and in order for these creatures to stay happy and healthy, they need good nutrition. It’s not surprising that monstrous jelly creatures can have odd tastes, and while some of them are content with carrots and fruits, others need rarer and more refined edibles.

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Moondew nectar is one such food. Though some players take a long time without ever needing or wanting it, others will find that it calls out to them pretty quickly as it’s a must-have for raising one of the coolest and cutest creatures in the game. Here’s everything the player needs to know about where to find Moondew Nectar.


Basics of moondew nectar

slime breeder 2 introduced players to several new types of slime. One of these, the Flutterslime, is particularly endearing. However, the Flutterslime is picky and only eats one type of food: moondew nectar. This means that anyone interested in growing Flutterslimes needs to have a supply of this resource on hand.

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Since Moondew Nectar is Flutterslime’s preferred food, the player must be extra quick and alert when attempting to collect Nectar around Flutterslime. If the player is too slow, these slimes will happily devour the moondew nectar for themselves, making collection impossible.

How to get Moondew Nectar

The Jetpack is useful when searching for nectar, as it often grows in remote locations. Moondew Nectar can be found in the southern part of the Starlight Strand region, which is southwest of Rainbow Island. It can grow from plants, but like other resources in the game, it sometimes falls off the plant and can be found on the ground nearby. Players must inspect these areas carefully and make sure they haven’t missed any Moondew.

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Like the Batty Slime, Moondew Nectar has a few quirks that make finding him a challenge. Moondew nectar only grows during the night, so plan all gathering expeditions for after sundown. The good news is that this resource is easy to find once the player knows what it looks like. Moondew Nectar looks like a pearl growing amidst a blue flower, so players should be wary.

When the player sees a Flutterslime moving towards Moondew Nectar, there is a quick and easy way to shield the nectar long enough for the player to pick it up. Use the Vacpack to suck up the Flutterslime and shoot it in a different direction, far enough away for the player to grab the nectar first. If the player accidentally sucks up the Moondew Nectar as well, no harm has been done as both the Flutterslime and Nectar are safe in the Vacpack’s storage.

slime breeder 2 is available for PC and Xbox Series X/S.

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