How to Get More Cards for Table Turf Battle in Splatoon 3

Having more cards is the difference between losing and winning in Table Turf; Learn how to get more cards in Table Turf Battles in Splatoon 3. Having more cards means you could have better cards. And having better cards means you have more counters to your opponent’s strategies. This awesome minigame has over 150 different cards for you to collect and use to play, but how do you get them? Read below to learn how and increase your chances of kicking butt in this crazy digital card game.

How to get more cards for Table Turf Battle in Splatoon 3

Having the best cards for table turf is crucial when aiming for victory. Since launching alongside the latest Splatoon game, the mini-game has been a smash hit and many players have participated. Granted, you get a basic deck of cards with what you need to play, but that won’t get you very far. The more players that participate in Table Turf Battles in Splatoon 3, the more they learn to play and, even worse, to win. The best thing you can do now is get ahead of the game and learn to get the best cards you can to secure your wins!


Splatoon 3: Where to Play Tableurf Battle

How to get more cards for Table Turf Battle in Splatoon 3

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With Splatoon 3 only releasing two days ago, many players are still learning the basics. That being said, the process of getting more maps for Table Turf Battles in Splatoon 3 is still a mystery. That’s where this article comes in! Now that the game has been released to everyone, you can start stacking cards to play using a few methods that are sure to work.

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First, the easiest way to get more cards for Table Turf battles is to play Table Turf as much as possible. Each time you level up in the card-based mini-game, you win a small pack of cards to keep for yourself. Learning how to play as well as possible will be very beneficial for this method. Learn more about how to play Table Turf here.

Another method that works well is to spend some clam shells on the shell out machine. After collecting some clam shells, you can take them to the shell out machine. The machine has the ability to throw you a variety of cards in exchange for your clam shells. However, this is an excellent way to compete against the RNG and try to get some great cards early on.

The last and final way to get more cards for table turf battles is through the Catalog. You can buy common cards in the shop in Hotlantis with Catalog Points. Fast and easy. However, you can only buy common Cards in Hotlantis, not higher tier cards.

Go out with that information and pick up some fancy cards so you can dominate at Table Turf!

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